YARD Furniture: Fighting Against Climate Change with Sustainable Furniture and Efficient Recycling

Recycling in Australia is getting better making the country one of the world leaders in combatting climate change. YARD Furniture makes its contribution to this noble quest by producing sustainable furniture.

Efficient recycling is one of the best ways to stop climate change and help the planet recover. Australia is one of the world’s leaders in its recycling policies. Today, Australians recycle over 50% of household waste and 87% of cardboard and paper. The latter is the highest rate in the world. YARD Furniture helps this fight along by producing sustainable furniture from recycled timber.

Climate change is a proven fact and the threats of it are acknowledged by world governments. The Paris Agreement is only the first step towards combatting the destructive effects of this phenomenon. Every person can help stop climate change and restore the health of the planet by choosing sustainable living. Recycling, installing energy and water-efficient fixtures and appliances, are things every person can do today.

One can also start using sustainable energy as biofuels, solar panels, and other supplies are widely available. In Australia, the government even provides a variety of grants and support programs that help people afford these upgrades.

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Sustainable Furniture to Help Stop Climate Change

Every choice one makes matters in the ‘grand scheme of things’ because if every person chooses sustainability, the planet has a chance. YARD Furniture is a company of people who believe in sustainability and love designing beautiful things.

In their catalogues at http://www.yardfurniture.com.au/, one can see that recycled furniture can look amazing. It’s not something one has to ‘settle on’ sacrificing interior design for the sake of helping the planet. YARD Furniture produces bespoke pieces that will complement any design.

The company also uses eco-friendly tools and supplies to minimize their carbon footprint. They focus on benefitting the environment to the maximum, and using recycled timber offers another advantage. With materials like this, every piece of furniture has history. It does not only fill the timber with ‘character’ but also cures the wood affecting its look and properties. This type of material is sturdy and looks truly amazing.

Australia Climate Change Fight: Is Win Close?

Despite the positive dynamics in some types of recycling, Australia still has a long way to go. At the moment, the country recycles only 4% of batteries and 1% of fluorescent tubes. Each of those are extremely toxic when buried in landfills but can be recycled efficiently.

In order to stop the climate change, Australians should choose sustainability in every aspect of their lives.

YARD Furniture offers one of the eco-friendly options with their quality recycled timber products.

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