The Justice Clearinghouse To Host Series Of Free Webinars On Active Shooter And Mass Casualty Events

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – According to news reports, more than 88 mass casualty events, a distinct category of shootings taking place in a public setting, have taken place in the last 30 years, or roughly 1 every 4 months.

In response to this growing, traumatic form of crime, beginning July 2017, The Justice Clearinghouse will run an exclusive series of free webinars, “Preparing for and Responding to Mass Casualty Incidents,” focused on active shooter and mass casualty events.

These webinars will provide invaluable resources on emergency and crisis preparedness for emergency personnel and those responsible for planning emergency responses for their organizations, including businesses and schools.

The series will begin in July 2017, and run approximately 1-2 webinars per month, through Spring 2018.

Learning from experts, and those with firsthand experience with such incidents, series attendees will gain:

  • an understanding of the range of activities surrounding mass casualty events,
  • an awareness of the specific challenges posed by active shooters and how to apply this awareness to their own unique location/setting,
  •  the skills needed to implement customized crisis management strategies, which will help them come up with custom plans to address the specific challenges posed by each particular active shooter and/or mass casualty incident they are called to manage.

Instructed by professionals and academics, Justice Clearinghouse webinars provide unique insights into nuanced aspects on each webinar’s topic of interest, going further than traditional guides and handbooks to include tactics that have been applied in real-life scenarios with proven success.


Webinar Schedule:

The “Preparing for and Responding to Mass Casualty Incidents” webinar series will be hosted through the organization’s website, from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET, according to the schedule listed below:

Aaron Gorrell, founder of the Justice Clearinghouse, pointed the growing need for this kind of education, stating that “FBI statistics indicate that the number of active shooter incidents that took place in the 2014-2015 period, exceeded every two-year average noted in the past 16 years. In addition to active shooter incidents, mass casualty events have recently increased in frequency, too, making it virtually impossible for law enforcement, EMS or members of the media to not come across one or more of this type of incidents in the near future, and many times throughout their careers.”

He concluded, saying “We at Justice Clearinghouse believe that our existing members, and any interested party, should be able to have access to year-round, professional development virtual conferences, which center on the latest advances in the broader field of justice. The success of our webinars are a testament to the great demand for on-request virtual learning, by professionals working in the law enforcement, justice and public arenas.”

“With no doubt mass casualty incidents are of an immense importance and relevance today more than ever. If it is for natural disasters, transportation accidents or manmade terror attacks; the problem remains the same, a number of casualties that overwhelms the local health care system in a very short period of time” writes the study of Ben-Ishay et al., titled “Mass casualty incidents – time to engage”, which was published in the World Journal of Emergency Surgery on February 3rd, 2016, highlighting the alarming frequency of mass casualty incidents.

The study’s authors go on to stress the importance of preparedness, saying that “Preparedness for an MCI is a crucial requisite for the injured better outcome.” However, commenting on the study’s findings, the authors conclude that, when it comes to the concept of preparedness, “Although the importance is well understood still some institutions around the world are not well prepared as the current survey shows.”

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