Unique Series Pilot has 24 Possible Outcomes, Appeals to Fans of “Choose Your Own Adventure” Books

“Eric Bergquist of Analogy Pictures.”
The Chronic Adventure Story series pilot plans filming soon in Boston, offering 24 different outcomes for viewers, targeting Netflix as the best streaming platform to reach fans of this format.

Boston, MA – Viewers of The Chronic Adventure Story series pilot will choose one of the 24 variations of the story at the menu screen, which will give binge watchers 24 possible outcomes for each episode.

Writer and director Eric Bergquist says the inspiration for the series pilot comes from his love of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. Each episode consists of four sequences, designed to be arranged in 24 different orders. Chosen at the menu, this will provide 24 ways to watch the same episode. Bergquist says fans will binge watch and discuss the various permutations, creating online buzz and expanding viewership.

The pilot episode tells the story of Samuel Gibson. Dropped in the middle of a plagiarism dispute over his acclaimed fictional work, Gibson is himself faced with the inner demons from his own disputed narrative. His task: trying to contend with what went wrong. The audience must assess the different outcomes, which means binge watching the many deviations of the same episode.

“We believe this will appeal to Netflix viewers due to the amount of freedom Netflix gives to viewers to make choices. We also believe the series will inspire fans to discussions about the story as well as the unique, creative format. For viewers who have been enticed by different outcomes for television episodes or feature films, or for anyone who has pondered alternate timelines, this format will certainly create excitement,” explained Bergquist.

“From the viewpoint of an investor, whether it is Netflix or another source, paying for one episode but getting 24 variations means a huge bang for your buck,” added Bergquist.

The project will begin production by Bergquist and his team from Analogy Pictures as soon as funding is in place. This will be the team’s second project. The first was the acclaimed film Analogic.

The Chronic Adventure Story pilot episode will be filmed in the Boston area in the fall of 2017, according to Bergquist. Members of the production crew, as well as the principal cast members will be announced shortly.

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