Driva: The Ultimate AI Based Driving Assistant Has Arrived

A Stunning Breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence Has Given Birth to an Incredible Application of The Future

Shanghai, China – June 19, 2017 – The developers of a Shanghai based tech startup have announced the launch of a revolutionary artificial intelligence based app for iOS users. The Android users worldwide will also get this remarkable driving assistant app very soon as it is currently being developed for Android. Driva has several amazing features with benefits and it will eventually play a decisive role in saving many lives of drivers around the world. Driva is a remarkable breakthrough in technology and it will pave the way for the future research in AI and its effects on driving.

“Apart from saving lives of drivers, our aim is to speed up development of autonomous driving and contribute to the future of driverless cars.” – said Zhang Zhe, the Co-Founder of Driva while introducing the app. “This application sends notification to the driver when it is time to move and when it is time to stop, along with many other features.” – he added. The app is very simple, user friendly and anyone can easily understand how to use this app. Moreover, Driva pioneers application of vehicle detection and optical flow algorithms on the mobile phone as a hardware platform for computing. According to Mr. Zhang, the company also believes in making driving more interesting and fun.

Driva is a patented result of rigorous research and development. As a result of this testing, it has been revealed that the app detects front car and traffic light with the accuracy rate of more than 98%. Moreover, it also cleverly designs a special driving recorder function, so that those who do not want to buy and install the driver’s recorder can use their own smart phone to achieve the same goal. However, users do not need to record video continuously, but they can record only when needed. This feature is a vehicular equivalent of having a black box in a road car as in case of an accident or emergency, a driver can quickly press the recording button and the application will automatically record past 30 seconds of the video. Driva is therefore one of a kind solution in the world of information and technology.

Another great news is that the research team of Driva is already working on the next version of the app with the sensor data to achieve automatic recording of an accident. Upcoming version will also include the accelerometer and the use of  mobile phone sensors to monitor the driver’s driving habits, such as the number of kilometers per hour and the number of emergency braking, and then through the algorithm to provide the driver report on optimal driving behavior. In a nutshell, Driva will not only play a major role in saving millions of lives worldwide, but will also improve the driving habits and practices of the drivers around the world.

For more information, please visit: www.Driva.ai

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