Bully Bid Raises $3 Million to Develop New Dog Bidding Platform

Dog Enthusiasts Have Spoken Against The Unjust Ban Imposed by Social Media Against Dog-Selling on The Network

June 19, 2017 – In the wake of a recent ban imposed by social media against selling pets on its platform, dog lovers from the United States have raised $3 Million to help the creators of Bully Bid. The app is an amazing alternative that will help the dog owners sell their dogs without really having to use social media. The recent ban was truly unjust and it had devastated dog owners worldwide and particularly the American dog owners lost millions of dollars in business. However, a perfect alternative called ‘Bully Bid’ app emerged in the market to replace social media as the primary player in the worldwide pet marketplace.

“We are very grateful to all those pet lovers who helped us raise this $3 million within such a short time.” Said the spokesperson of Bully Bid while talking about fundraise. “Bully Bid is the first and only social media app specifically designed for breeders and enthusiasts of the bully breeds.” He added. According to the spokesperson of Bully Bid, all members of this app have the ability to stay up to date with social media bully groups through the use of its integrated system that allows the content of social media groups they choose to appear in the bully feed in the app.

Followed by the ban imposed by social media, this app is going to be the best option available for the dog owners and enthusiasts not only from the United States, but ultimately spreading throughout the rest of other countries. With one unjust and unreasonable decision, the network has devastated a multimillion dollar industry and has put many people out of work. Bully Bid has raised $3 million so far and this fundraiser is a proof that the people are against the biggest bully on the internet, social media itself. There were several protests staged and petitions were signed by thousands of activists, but the bully social media cropped out those petitions and suppressed the campaign. Moreover, due to the company’s ownership of platforms, the protesters did not get any other platform to record their protests. Since these breeders are scattered throughout America and most of them cannot afford to leave their state and gather outside social media headquarters in California, they had no other option but to help each other remotely by raising funds. Therefore, this fund raise is not only regarded as an achievement, but the enthusiast who stood against all the odds. This is also a proof that unity, humanity and love exists and the love of pets will never grow old.

For more information, please visit: http://www.bullybid.com/

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