Airwheel C8 Smart Helmet Escorts Motorcycle or Car Racing

Airwheel C8 intelligent helmet sends out a strong sense of wildness. After all, it is designed for thrilling and exciting motorcycle and car racing. High-quality material and ingenious design fully ensure excellent protection function and comfortable wearing experience. Moreover, it owns multiple identities, such as camera, music player or house monitor.

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Whether motorcycle or car racing, protecting head is an indispensable pre-round setup. Generally speaking, a type of high-quality helmet plays a key role in the whole racing course. Here suggests Airwheel C8 smart helmet and it has become a big star in protection equipment sector. Basically, it is an excellent helmet that offers good protection and wearing experience for head. Also, it owns several other identities, such as camera, music player or house monitor.

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Generally speaking, good protection and wearing experience always come from high-quality material as well as ingenious design. Airwheel C8 racing helmet is made from strong plastic ABS and has passed through rigorous tests, including extrusion, impact and high temperature so as to give racing driver maximum protection. The middle part selects America imported foaming EPS, while the lining is made of high-quality cotton.

Above all, people will get excellent wearing experience. Besides protection function, C8 enjoys high imaging performance, which mainly benefits from adopted precise exquisite and qualified lens. The high-contrast and high-resolution shooting performance is able to restore every wonderful and thrilling moment in the racing. Moreover, 120-degree view-shed will gain supreme and impeccable frames. The shooting operation is quite simple: one key to capture. In short, it is a great camera.

Airwheel C8 intelligent racing helmet is a perfect music player. In traditional thinking, it is very dangerous to wear headphones and to enjoy music in the course of racing, but C8 makes it come true. The equipped high-quality Bluetooth speaker enables people to enjoy music and meanwhile to hear external sound so as to deal with emergencies anytime. One key to answer phone is another function. It means that people can answer a call by one click, which frees two hands and guarantees the safety in racing. As it supports non-net video all day long, it is also a perfect house monitor and ensures the security.

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