Eva Mattress Pledges to Donate 1 For Every 10 Mattresses Sold to Homeless Shelters Throughout Australia

Melbourne, VIC – The Australian mattress company, Eva Mattress, has made a charitable pledge to donate one mattress to homeless shelters throughout the continent for every ten mattresses that are sold. Recognising the abundance of homeless individuals across the nation that do not have access to adequate sleeping conditions, Eva Mattress has made their pledge through what they call their One For Ten: Eva’s Pledge program in order to do their part in contributing to efforts to help those in need.

Many individuals struggle to find mattresses that they can comfortably sleep on. Whether the mattress they purchase from a dime-a-dozen manufacturer lacks the essential comfort needed, or is made up of low-quality material, at the end of the day a bad mattress is a bad mattress. Sound sleep is essential for individuals to perform their daily tasks and goals to the best of their abilities, and many people tend to identify a high-quality mattress as a significant contributor to the quality of rest they achieve.

The company, Eva Mattress, endeavours not only to give back with their product sales, but to provide high-quality, satisfactory mattresses for their customers as well. The memory foam mattress produced by the company – and delivered with free shipping – focuses on the essentials of a satisfactory mattress: comfort, durability, and environmentally-friendly materials as officially certified by Certipur-US®.

The setup process through the purchase of an Eva Mattress is simple: by vacuum-packing the mattress in a box, the mattress can be easily transported, after which it can be taken out of its box, positioned on the sleeping foundation of the customer’s choice, set up by Eva – and voilà, customers can watch their innovative mattress expand into one of comfort. Furthermore, by purchasing a mattress by the company, customers can sleep soundly knowing they have contributed to a charitable cause.

“Our mission with this pledge program is to improve the circumstances for homeless Australians that don’t have access to proper beds,” the company spokesperson comments. “Our one-for-ten mattress donation is our way of giving back.”

Through their One for Ten pledge, Eva Mattress is striving to set a solid example for companies as a quality mattress company doing their part to secure better sleep for the homeless population of Australia. By donating one mattress for every ten that are purchased by customers, those buying a mattress can sleep soundly through both the comfort of the mattress and the knowledge that they have contributed to something beneficial for those in need.

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