Adjusting to Google Policy Changes: a Raleigh-Durham based Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Digital Marketing Firm Offers Efficient SEO No Matter What

Frequent Google policy changes make it hard to consistently rank on the first page of search engines. Top Consulting Services overcomes this challenge with ongoing research and constant updates in their methods and techniques.

Google is the foremost search engine in the world, running over 100 billion searches a year. In order to stay the best in their business, the company implements regular updates. However, while Google policy changes benefit users, they make it extremely difficult for businesses to maintain and improve their rankings. Top Consulting Services, a North Carolina based SEO & digital marketing agency helps their clients overcome this challenge and keep their growth consistent.

The company achieves this by combining ongoing research into the Google updates and adjusting their methods accordingly. As there can be over 200 updates a year, this approach requires a great deal of work. However, the results it offers allow Top Consulting Services’ clients rank high.

Google Policy Changes and Their Effects on Business

Google updates their search engine’s algorithms and ranking policies all the time in order to provide the users with a better experience and produce an ROI resulting in a profitable business. In a perfect case scenario, the AI, which runs the engine should be able to provide exactly what the client needs, even if the query is faulty.

To achieve this, they try different combinations of methods and policies. At the moment, Google Search Quality Senior Strategist, Andrey Lipattsev, states that the two most relevant ranking factors are link building and quality content. Only a few years ago, keywords were dominating that list. One had to use them according to a strict scheme in order to draw attention from the search engine’s AI.

At their website,, Top Consulting Services explain how they are able to adjust their services in response to all the most recent Google changes. As a comprehensive marketing service, they work on every aspect of the client’s online presence. This allows them to ensure the best growth results.

How to Rank High on Google Today

Nowadays, one can’t rely on good content with keyword placement or some ‘cheats’ to a high ranking on Google. In fact, the so-called ‘black-hat SEO’ is extremely dangerous as any website caught on it will get a penalty or worse they’ll get banned. The advancement of search engine’s AI ensures that they will be caught.

Therefore, one has to use honest practices, which include:

  • Posting large pieces of top-quality content as long articles consistently rank higher.
  • Integrating long-tail keywords as over 50% of Google’s 100 billion searches are 4 words or longer.
  • Building quality links as they boost the relevance of the page.
  • Including visuals because even one picture within content can increase the page’s visibility for Google.

Top Consulting Services provides a comprehensive digital marketing service to everyone seeking to increase their online presence.

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