NETcinity Helps Businesses Get Their Message Out There

Sulphur Springs, TX – Marketing and branding are essential in establishing a reputable business. With NETcinity’s innovative platform, businesses can now easily get their message out there. The NETcinity Pro Series Beacon provides entrepreneurs with the tools needed to market their businesses without the need to put out ads. NETcinity is cloud based, so services work anywhere in the world that there are cellular devices with Bluetooth.

“NETcinity offers services suited for the business,” says company representative, Shawn Whitson. “We offer services to such businesses as car dealerships, dry cleaners, and the like. Even churches and worship places can benefit from the NETcinity Pro Series Beacon. The Beacon is ideal for businesses with a daily high volume such as gas stations and grocery stores. NETcinity has package prices that would best suit any business. You can choose from Silver, Gold, and Platinum price packages. These packages offer the best deals. So far, clients have been satisfied with the business solutions we offer.”

With the NETcinity Pro Series Beacon, locating a business establishment just became easier. The beacon can be programmed for either high volume or low volume locations and it has the capability to broadcast messages using the NETcinity NearMe Notification Builder. Messages can be taken up clearly for up to 260 feet via Bluetooth. A perfect way to let people in the area know all about one’s business and its location. Business owners can set up their beacons at the most convenient location as well. They won’t even have a problem with the battery because it can last up to five years. The NETcinity Pro Series Beacon is easy to setup and maintain. An advantage of NETcinity is that it offers a lifetime warranty for the Beacon, in the event of any issue. Another advantage is that the Beacon can be used by both iPhone and Android smartphone users.

The NETcinity Pro Series Beacon helps save time and money as well, putting people into contacts individually can be a drag. With the NETcinity Pro Series Beacon, sending messages would be more cost-effective as people passing near the business would receive messages instantly. The Pro Series Beacon can be programmed to send out messages, which in turn would generate more potential customers for the business.

For more information about NETcinity’s Pro Series Beacon, give them a call at (866) 297-1038. NETcinity can also be reached through email via There is also live chat support available from 9 AM to 5 PM Central from Monday to Saturday. Industry NETcinity serves in Texas and is located at 1335 Shannon Road East, Suites A-D Sulphur Springs, TX.

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Company Name: NETcinity
Contact Person: Shawn Whitson
Phone: (866) 297-1038
Address:1335 Shannon Road East, Suites A-D
City: Sulphur Springs
State: Texas
Country: United States