Liberty Automotive Protection Making Person-to-Person Car Sales Trustworthy

OCEAN, NEW JERSEY – 19 Jun, 2017 – There was a time when purchasing from another person was considered risky business, but Liberty Automotive Protection is changing that with its coverage options.

People do not always want to go to a dealership to purchase a car. Dealerships usually add a lot of fees, taxes, and other expenses that can be hard to understand. Some people prefer to deal with regular folks than a salesperson.

The issue is most people do not normally feel comfortable buying a car from a regular person because there are no guarantees. Buying a car is costly, so it makes sense that people want guarantees. Dealerships offer these types of guarantees that come with a mechanic certification or even warranties. These were hard to find for those who just bought a car on the street, but that is no longer the case.

More and more car buyers are becoming smart buyers. Some have a mechanic friend or a auto repair company they trust do a full inspection on the car before purchasing. Issues let a person know if the vehicle is a smart buy or if the issues could drive the price down.

Some have also heard of Liberty Automotive Protection and all of the benefits the company offers through its various plans. Liberty Automotive Protection sells extended car service contracts to older vehicles. These service contracts act like extended car warranties because they cover some of the most vital parts of a car. A car owner will not need to worry about expensive car repairs as long as this service contract is purchased.

The packages can be tweaked to suit the car owner’s needs. The car owner’s mechanic could say the car could have transmission issues in the future; then, the car owner should make sure the plan covers the transmission system. The reason Liberty Automotive Protection offers so many plans is to make sure there is a plan for everyone.

Some of the parts the car service contract can cover include the engine, turbo charger, the transfer unit, drive axles, steering, suspension system, brakes, and the electrical system, just to name a few parts.

Furthermore, the plans also offer additional services like car rental and full roadside assistance. The coverage is national, and it can be transfered from owner to owner, which makes it easier for people to trust people selling their cars. This coverage is already there and can be transfered or purchased when a used car is acquired.

There is no limit on the number of claims that can be filed, making it pretty easy to buy a used car online or from a neighbor. A person who needs repairs will need to go to an approved dealership or mechanic. These locations are all around the United States and, best of all, are trustworthy companies.

Of course, Liberty Automotive Protection plans can also be applied to cars purchased from a used car dealership, too, but it is great to see that the people-to-people business is getting a much needed boost.

Car Repairs Can Put Drivers In Debt, But Liberty Automotive Is There To Help

Liberty Automotive Protection is there to help the 33 percent of American drivers who would go into debt due to unexpected car repairs.

Debt is one of the worst epidemics that Americans are dealing with. People used to be able to deal with debt, but now many are drowning in it. This could be home mortgages, second mortgages, student debt, and medical debt, just to name a few.

Falling in debt can make it impossible for some people to move to the next step in their lives. In a sense, it is an unfortunate situation that makes some feel trapped. It is clear that debt is not a good thing, and now it is clear that it could happen to drivers if they have to deal with an unexpected auto repair.

This does make sense because a good mechanic will charge hundreds of dollars to fix issues with the transmission or the drive train, just to name a few parts.

Sure, some car owners simply take their cars to mechanics that are not certified because they are cheaper. This could work out in their favor, but it could also backfire and create more problems that could end up costing more to correct.

Mechanical issues are very complicated and need a specialized hand to deal with them. This is the reason most car owners know that it is best to take a car to a trained mechanic, but this can be costly.

For many in the US, a car is their livelihood, so many will do everything they can in order to get their vehicle back on the road. Some must empty out their savings, which makes them vulnerable to unexpected expenses.

There are some who simply do not have the money and try to get a loan from a friend or a quick paycheck loan company. These loans are notorious for having high interest rates. Those who borrow expect to pay the next week, but nothing is guaranteed because money can disappear for a number of reasons. This is how some get stuck in a cycle of debt.

Liberty Automotive Protection has been on the driver’s side for years now, and they offer a way out of this. What Liberty Automotive Protection offers is a car service contract. These contracts cover parts of a car that would normally cost a lot to repair. There are several packages that can suit different needs, but chances are they are going to cover the parts that would give a person a headache.

The company even offers additional services like roadside assistance, tire blowout assistance, or car rentals. The packages are reasonably priced, so it should not be a burden to drivers, and it gives them peace of mind when they need it.

Michael Shaftel urges individuals to opt for exclusionary coverage instead of named component coverage. It is also vital to aim for the highest level of automotive protection cover that fits one’s finances. Some of the available policies come with wide-ranging benefits, such as towing, car rental reimbursement and roadside assistance, among others. In most cases, these benefits are applicable only after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

No one should be forced to go into debt or acquire more debt. Liberty Automotive Protection is making sure that auto care does not put a strain on people, and hopefully, other services are created to help people who are currently drowning in financial issues.

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