A Complete Range Of Dentistry Services For Families In Fresno

Sidhu Family Dentistry is a practice proud to call themselves the leading family dentistry service provider in Fresno. The clinic takes pride in offering a complete range of cosmetic and family dentistry services all at affordable prices. For a caring, professional, and knowledgeable family dentist you don’t have to look any further.

Why Choose Sidhu Family Dentistry?

Dr. Sidhu has a great reputation in California’s dental field, and works with a team of highly skilled dentists and staff within the practice. Every procedure is completed with total professionalism, and you’ll get nothing but quality and consistency throughout the practice.  

Emergency Appointments

There aren’t many practices that choose to take on emergency appointments. However, Sidhu Family Dentistry offer emergency dental services and walk in appointments. You just never know what could happen and when, and it’s important to know where you can go in a dental related emergency. You don’t want to have to suffer in complete agony, and you definitely don’t want to go out with a cracked smile.

Multilingual Staff

Many people worry they won’t be able to get the service they require if their dental clinic can’t understand them properly. Staff at Sidhu Family Dentistry speak both English and Spanish, so you can rest assured you will get the treatment you want/need and your needs will be catered to.

Treatments Offered At Sidhu Family Dentistry

Sidhu Family Dentistry offer many different treatments at a high standard, which is what makes them the number one choice for families in Fresno. Just a handful of the treatments you can get from Sidhu Family Dentistry include:

– Dental Implants – replace missing or lost teeth with Sidhu Family Dentistry’s state of the art, permanent implants.

– Smile Makeover – restorative techniques are used to give you an amazing smile. You no longer need to shy away from smiling.

– Cosmetic Dentistry – tooth veneers, teeth whitening, Sidhu Family Dentistry offers the full works to people wanting cosmetic dentistry.

– Laser Dentistry – high intensity laser beams are used to restructure your gums and teeth. Now you can look your best.

Sidhu Family Dentistry offer a unique dental experience suited to families and all kinds of other patients. If you want a professional, comprehensive service in the Fresno area, you’ve found it.

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