Marijuana Legalization Drive Gains Pace With Americans for Legalization

The drive to legalize marijuana has gained pace in the USA and Volunteers For Legalization have taken up the cause very actively. The campaign is presently open for supporters and volunteers to get involved.

Ruther Glen, VA – June 19, 2017 – With the world consumed in grave issues like terrorism and global climate change, good old ‘pot’ has managed to gain and maintain the attention of the masses in the USA, and this has everything to do with legalizing this otherwise undamaging recreational substance. At present, barring a few states including Massachusetts, Alaska, Colorado, Nevada etc. possession and usage of Marijuana in the part of individuals can cost years of imprisonment and thousands of dollars worth of fine.

In fact, there are thousands of young and otherwise responsible and hard working citizens that are serving unnecessary jail terms for an act that is outright pardonable and certainly not worth arrest.

Americans For Legalization, the first federally active super PAC, is one such organization that has been very fervently backing the cause of marijuana legalization in the USA. The attempt involves enlightening people about cannabis, throwing light upon its real effects and sending a message across to the congress as to why it is not necessary to classify marijuana as Schedule I drug or even a ‘gateway drug’ for that matter.  

As per statistics over 60% of Americans are in favor of legalization of marijuana besides a massive section that expects decriminalization of usage of the same. As has been expressed by Americans for Legalization, it is difficult to find any rational ground behind imposition of such restrictive regulations on a substance, the use of which can traced back to over 10,000 years if not more.

The association further emphasizes the fact that core health issues and deaths associated with marijuana usage are almost negligible especially in contrast with other legalized addictive substances like alcohol and nicotine products. The super PAC also states that the money spent by the government to regulate marijuana can be put to more productive usage if the legalization drive is successful.  

Americans for Legalization are presently welcoming lawyers and social media managers that can carry the cause of legalization of marijuana to the next level. ‘Creating a tsunami’ of opinions in favor of the drive is the primary intension of this endeavor.

About Americans for Legalization:

Americans for Legalization is the first federally active super PAC that backs legalization of marijuana in the USA. The aim of this body is to create awareness and generate support among people through social media and make America a better without unnecessary prohibitions.

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