Discover The Best Places To Get Completely Refreshed: Powered By Resorts Near New Delhi NCR

Luxury, refreshment, and royalty meet at one point to give the perfect definition of rejuvenation at its peak, of the best resorts to visit.

June 19, 2017 – A place like no other, Welcome to Delhi the place to spend that special time with the special set of people around you, with the exclusive choices of top-tier resorts near new Delphi owing to its lovely scene arena to visit.

“We make sure we make sure clients receive a world-class state of hospitality because that is what we were built for,” Said by a manager in one of the resort. “We take our time in giving our clients the best offers, availability of fun resources and undiluted form of rejuvenation, He added. According to him, resorts near New Delhi are not only known for top-notch services delivery but a true representation of high class – Luxury.

Discover the best set of resorts at fingertips, listed below are the resorts to watch out for near New Delhi;

Surjivan Resort: A Typical setting that is a home away from home, an epitome of grandeur that helps to explore the rural life in its beauty, 29 KM away from the capital city is a place to enjoy nature in its purest form, with a setup like a typical village with straw covered with thatch and covered with clay walls, we enjoin every visitors to come and enjoy the prototypical Rajasthani cuisine served as per rural custom.

Kikar Lodge Natural Retreat:  Situated at Punjab at the heart of Rupnagar, is this luxury resort near Gurgaon, a true mixture of class and natural environment, is a resort that offers various therapeutic massages with trained therapists. Suitable place for corporate outings, family picnics and loving couples. Kikar Lodge Natural Retreat is one the best resorts near New Delhi that can be thought of.

Neemrana Fort Palace: A time trapper that takes every visitor to the 15th Century, an Amazon resort that explains the beauty of 7 palace wings spread across six acres of garden. A resort near New Delhi with a vintage of car rides, a grand swimming pools and a massage center to take out every stress.

Heritage Village Resort and Spa:  Like the name sounds, is one of the resorts near New Delhi, a perfect meet point for holidays, honeymoon and social gatherings. It is located in a serene environment with spa to relax and complete rejuvenation of the body and spirit.

Camp Roxx Himachal: Is one of the best resorts near Gurgaon. As a camp, it comprises of 15 beautiful cottages, a place where nature lover will definitely be tripped for. Welcome to Camp Roxx Himachal, where refreshing ponds, delicious meals, and adventure avenue is what awaits every visitors.

Camp Aquaforest Rishikesh: At River Ganga, is the Camp of Aquaforest is one of the best resort near Gurgaon, this place suits an arena of comfort with tents, an aqua environment that impresses an unforgettable experience.

Botanix Nature Resorts: Spread over 30 acres, is a resort that captures the scenic outlook of one the best resorts near New Delhi, This resorts serves as adventure camp and also as a distinct resort destination for the next outing, natural landscapes, awesome architecture, a fit for all fun activity and beautiful environment that grabs attention.

Best Western Resort Country Club: We knew how great resort should look like and this fits in as one of the best resorts near New Delhi. This resort is a perfect gift for families to spend their time together, with a capacity of up to 2000 guests. Greenery and beautiful, with special fun activities to enjoy.

The Westin Sohna Resort: Located in a scenic environment, 64 KM from Delhi, It marks an example of the one of the best resort near New Delhi. This resort provides spa services manned by professionals with luxurious rooms and beautiful swimming pools for every visitor to enjoy.

Make it a date, as Resorts New Delhi, Coupled with Resorts near Gurgaon is no joke, enjoy life, as you unwind the body and soul to the fullest. More information about these resorts and book an appointment?


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