June is Alzheimer’s And Brain Awareness Month.

According to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America statistics page, it is estimated that up to 5.1 million people in America have Alzheimer’s disease.

One local company is leading the way in helping caregivers working with persons living with dementia through their dementia communication training Dementia RAW.

Silver Dawn Training Institute is shining a light on unique ways to communicate with persons affected by dementia and memory loss through the rules of improv.

Not only is the training based on the founder’s experience in long-term care, they also use these rules every day, as co-founder Cathy Braxton suffers from memory loss due to two closed head injuries.

Cathy was diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury (or T.B.I.) after suffering a concussion due to a skiing accident in Colorado in 1990 and then additional severe concussions during a rollover car accident two years later.

The rules of improv guide Silver Dawn Training Institute Chief Operations Officer, Tami Neumann, each day as she works with Cathy to remember appointment dates, client names, program specifics and contact information.  

“With the creation of this course, using the improv rules coupled with concepts in empathy it has helped me to communicate judgment free with Cathy.  Taking the time to learn about memory loss from her perspective was key.”

Cathy says that the rules of improv not only help her feel less ashamed about her memory loss but also give her a common language to use with her business partner Tami.  This reduces work stress and allows her to continue to be successful as their business grows.

“One of the foundational rules of improv:  “Make your partner look good”, is something we do with each other daily.” says Cathy Braxton, Chief Education Officer, “Tami encourages me to focus on the things I am the most successful at and never puts me in a place of shame if I forget a name, place or event.  She uses the “Yes, And” approach to build our connection.”

Silver Dawn Training Institute has helped countless professionals and caregivers learn the Dementia RAW method.  What sets this training apart is the constant taking of perspective.  Once we can see beyond ourselves into what it may look like to have dementia, we can then build up empathy and introduce the rules of improv. Ultimately, creating a seamless and unique communication technique that can be used by anyone, at any time.

Cathy and Tami were determined to create The Dementia RAW Method in a manner that created simplicity for anyone in turn facilitating confidence in working with persons living with dementia.

Silver Dawn Training Institute works to help caregivers communicate with persons living with dementia with simplicity and ease by using the rules of improv.

To learn more about Silver Dawn Training Institute and the Dementia RAW Method, please visit http://www.dementiaraw.com/.

Media inquiries are asked to call 219-649-1732.

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