New Release Highlights the Fun and Mishaps of Outdoor Life

More than 40 million people partake in camping activities in the United States each year. According to, this includes people camping with cars and tents, as well as recreational vehicles and backyard camping.

Outdoor aficionados and campers will identify with the true accounts of outdoor enthusiast, G. Roger Schoenhals. In his latest book, Camping, Canines & Other Candid Tales: Life Lessons from Out and About (Redemption Press), he blends adventure, misfortune, humor, instruction, and occasional heroics. The thirty-three chapters span fifty years of life in the Pacific Northwest and conclude with brief suggestions for personal application.

Schoenhals has been a business owner and CEO, college prof, foundation director, and senior pastor. He has published more than twenty books and 3,000 articles and has presented writing clinics throughout the U.S. For fifteen years, he and his wife, Sandy, lived “off the grid” in Icicle Canyon in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State.

From his experiences in the outdoors, he takes the reader along on a honeymoon fiasco, a bungee-snapping storm, and harrowing excursions with his expedition-equipped Land Cruiser. One off-road adventure ended with a “never again” declaration from his long-suffering wife. Stories also include canine episodes involving a spitz, a maniacal Brittany spaniel, and a champion Alaskan malamute.

“Life is a schoolroom where we gain knowledge and insight from the unusual experiences we encounter along the way,” says Schoenhals. He adds, “Writing my stories not only helps me better understand myself, it is also a way to provide entertaining and, I trust, inspirational reading for people of all ages.”

Gary Schlabach says, “Roger’s ability to weave life’s interesting, often humorous, and many times embarrassing moments into perspective is definitely entertaining. Top that off with wise spiritual applications and you have a real winner.”

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