Adrian Moros Releases New, 5-Minute Deep Breathing Meditation Technique

Switzerland – Short meditation exercises have gained popularity for the immense benefits they bring about in far lesser time than other methods. One such recent arrival is ‘How to Calm Your Mind’ by coach, author and investor, Adrian Moros. This special breathing technique takes only 5-mintues to transport the user into a relaxed, altered state of consciousness conducive to greater productivity during day and a quick withdrawal into peaceful sleep at night.

Although the market is inundated with numerous meditation tapes and downloads, not many are actually effective. No wonder users are now leaning towards authentic and reliable sources of meditation such as Adrian’s ‘How to Calm Your Mind’.  The breathing meditation gives consistent results, reaches into deeper meditation levels, and can be used at home, in office and just about anywhere.

The calming breath technique offers numerous benefits bundled into a five-minute exercise. Users can practice the routines for increasing their energy levels, to re-focus on work, clear disturbing thoughts, and give a fresh start to each day. The technique works first time and every time it is used.

“When it comes to meditation there are tons of techniques out there, but this technique helps you calm down and distract all the noises in your mind. It has enabled me to regain my focus and energy on things which are important in my life,” says a user.

Adrian Moros has lived in Peru, Greece and Germany before moving to Switzerland. He is an avid global traveler, having experience diverse cultures and lifestyles. The meditation exercise is one of his initiatives to share his knowledge and empower people around the world to gain mastery over their lives and financial destiny.

“After the exercise you will feel fully energized and ready to start the day with a clear mind,” says Adrian.

‘How to Calm Your Mind’ is available as an online download for Mac and PC, and can be transferred to a CD or MP3 player. The product comes with instant access to download the e-book, audio and video along with bonus reports. The technique can be used by beginners and does not require prior meditation experience.

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