What If Your Cell Phone was a Reloadable GiftCard?

Genie Gateway (http://GGWY.Info ) filed patents on technology to convert any cell number into a reloadable gift card, within 5 minutes.

Consumers can now use their cell phone as a powerful, reloadable gift card. The GenieCard leverages several of Genie Gateway’s existing inventions to create the most robust Virtual GiftCard in the industry! It combines the best of two worlds; closed loop peer-to-peer (P2P) real-time payments and open loop payments, where a GenieCard holder can both send and receive payments, face-to-face, online, or by phone, from anyone with an email address and a checking account, at any bank in the United States, http://www.GenieCashBox.com/GiftCard  .

“Cardholders can use their cell phone number as a single identifying number for their GiftCard to establish a business connection to any firm, person, organization or entity and to conduct a wide variety of communications and transactions with those parties with complete security” said Genie Gateway CEO Thomas E. Skala.

Stuart Scamman, Genie Gateway’s CTO continued. “As long as they can remember their cell number, Cardholders can send and receive payments – face-to-face, online or by phone – from or to anyone using any internet enabled device”.

“The GenieCard itself ( http://www.GGWY.Info/GenieCard ) is essentially a phone number unified on our platform with applications,  merchants and service providers serviced by us,” said Genie Gateway COO, Randall Skala, “I think it is very exciting to be able to walk into a merchant’s store or use their web site, select something I want to purchase, and just give the merchant my cell number which they enter into their virtual point of sale terminal. I immediately get a text asking me to approve the purchase.  When I approve, the merchant is paid instantly, in real-time.”

Mark Newgreen, Genie Gateway CFO, said “By combining the use of well understood and easily remembered numbers, the Cardholder’s cell number and a simple personalized PIN. The GenieCard provides individuals and businesses with the ability to conduct commerce with just their cell phone.”

Robert A. Peisner, President of Worldwide Merchant Services, Inc. offered…“As just one example, Genie Cardholders might purchase high quality herbs for preparation of their own naturopathic home remedies. The Maple Leaf Herb Dispensary, which specializes in organically produced herbs, will happily accept the Cardholder’s cell number as the payment method in their store and on their website. I can think of hundreds of merchants our sales agents will approach, that would be delighted to introduce this GiftCard to their customers.”

Jonathan Imm, Executive Director of Globility Link Inc., added… “Selling the Genie GiftCard to both merchants and consumers is a no brainer. It only took me two minutes to convert my cell number into a Genie GiftCard. I was ready to make a purchase in just minutes with this exciting new service.”

About Genie Gateway – www.GGWY.Info

Genie Gateway (U.S. OTC: GGWY) – holds the Key to Unlocking a Wide-Open Opportunity by using its patented technology to create a unique environment where customers can communicate and send or receive payments globally in real-time, by integrating Telecommunications, eCommerce, Cable TV and High Speed Internet into a Unified Solution on a single platform.

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