More Jobs, Less Employees: How the Economy Affects Temporary Employment

UNION CITY, NEW JERSEY – 20 Jun, 2017 – In the United States, many workers rely on temporary staffing agencies as a way of obtaining full and part time employment. At these agencies, a worker can find temporary work or a job that leads to a sustainable long-lasting career. However, as the economy improves, the role of temporary agencies will slightly adjust. As more and more people transition to full time employment, there may be fewer applicants who may apply for a particular job classification.

The Unemployment Rate and the Economy

According to the Democrat Herald, there are a plethora of jobs within the Albany area but less workers to fill the jobs. According to the Department of Labor, the unemployment rate is about 4.7%, which has dropped .2% from the previous months. This means that there are many people participating in the labor market currently, which is why more companies are relying on local temporary agencies to fulfill their staffing needs.

The Increasing Employment Rate

There are also a wide variety of individuals who have exited the labor market in previous years due to a number of factors. Since the economy is improving, more of those people are dusting off their resume and finding ways to return to the labor market. Since many of those people may have gaps in their employment history, they may need to rely on a staffing agency to help them obtain a job. According to the Department of Labor, there are about 94 million people not in the work force currently. That number is bound to go down as the economy continues to improve.

The Challenges for Staffing Organizations

So, what are some of the challenges that staffing organizations face? Well, in a growing economy, many agencies may not have a strong enough applicant pool to fulfill many jobs in certain industries. There are specific industries that continue to expand, such as in accounting and technology, but there just are not enough people with the right skill set available.

For some people, they may be qualified, but they may need more flexibility in their schedule. For example, a college or graduate student may be equip to do a job but may need to be available during the day for class. The staffing industry is constantly looking out for individuals who are looking to make a transition and have a unique skill set.

So if a person is out of work, or looking to make a change, should he or she work with a temporary agency? Well, industry experts agree that temporary or staffing agencies can help an individual obtain short and long term employment. Within a local area, an individual should find a staffing agency with a strong, professional reputation. During the consultation, the applicant should bring a polished resume to share with the staffing professionals. They may tell the applicants ways to adjust a resume so he or she remain open minded.

In some industries, an individual may be required to take a series of tests pertaining to typing, computations, reading comprehension or word processing. If someone struggles in any of these subjects, then he or she may want to take a short course at a local college. After the staffing professional has evaluated a resume, then he or she will send the person out on interviews.

So as the economy continues to improve, what is the future of staffing agencies? Temporary agencies play an important part in our economy and can help any applicant find employment in a variety of career paths. If an individual is looking to find a job, then he or she should investigate the many staffing companies in the area.

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