Lintech Enterprises Limited manufactures various security products for use in bank & telecom

Lintech Enterprises Limited is a company that is involved in the production of various security products. It is a manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, service provider and exporter of goods and services.

Over the years, there has been an increase in the population worldwide. As more and more people become aware of the systems and techniques that can be used to make everyday life easier, there is also a subsequent rise in the chances of confusion and mistakes. Due to the large number of people that organizations have to deal with in order to perform any task, correct identification and accurate results are important in order to provide good services. Lintech Enterprises Limited is a company that is involved in the manufacture, distribution, service provision and export of various auto equip goods. It provides professional automotive safety video technical systems and many other such devices are designed to ensure safety and accurate identification.

The company produces ATM motor card reader. This product can be used for a number of purposes such as self service terminal, automatic vending machine, money rechargeable machine, electronic purse or wallet, self service card recharging machine, etc. Cards with magnetic signal or the width of the card is detected. It also has an automatic re read function. It can function under the temperatures of-20 to 60 degree Celsius. Its operating humidity is 30-90% RH. The product works on USB/RS232 interface. Power supply should range between 12VDC ± 5% 2.0A for the device to function.


Lintech Enterprises Limited also produces usb magnetic swipe card reader. This device can be used for id verification or authentication, inquiry system, member management system and at POS terminal. The product allows bi- direction swipe card reading. It works under RS232/PS2/USB interface. It has a wide voltage range and an LED indicator. This device has been recognized under certain well known standards, which ensures that the device is efficient and accurate. The product is light and has the recording capacity of 107/79/40 characters.

RS232 magnetic card reader is another product that is manufactured by Lintech Enterprises Limited. This product can be used in POS terminal, for identity verification or authentication, inquiry system and member management system and its swipe speed is about 3 to 60 inches per second. It can operate under temperatures ranging from -20 to 60 degree Celsius. It also consists of an integrated card decoding chip.

The details and descriptions of all the products and services provided by the company are available on the company’s official website. In case of any doubts that customers may have regarding any of the products and services, they can contact the company’s representatives who are available round the clock to answer any such questions. 

About Lintech Enterprises Limited

Lintech Enterprises Limited is a company based in China that is involved in the manufacture of various Security products used for bank, telecom, transport system, underground and park. To know more about them please visit their official website.

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