Picter Soon to Launch Localized Innovative Chat App

New Application Targeting “Chat Near You” Engagement Due Out Soon

Picter will soon be launching a dynamic new engaging app that targets users in their individual area.  If you wish to limit chats to people near you, there’s an app for that now. 

“We, at Picter, are thrilled to introduce this new app soon that allows you to engage and chat near you and engage with people near you,” stated a company representative.  “The creative connection concept is already a big hit because interacting with people near you makes a lot of great sense.  Many are anticipating the new local chat app because they would like to take their chatting to the next level by actually meeting up.  That’s difficult to do when they live on opposite sides of the globe.  Now, users will have the option to do so.  This app is an ingenious idea that hooks locals up.  Living in the same vicinity allows them to decide if they want to meet up but even if they never do, there is still a lot to chat about with people near you.”

Picter (picterapp.com) will combine the services offered in snapchat, instagram and tinder into one app, with a twist.  The contacts available will be local to the general area, or area specified by the user.  Those who engage can be instantly connected with people, events and even parties that are taking place around them.  There will be a live feed of active posts available to for browsing for up to 24 hours.  Then, the user can use a chat with text and photos that disappear.

The local chat solution app is simple to use.  It involves scrolling through the local feed to see where posts are up which will disappear after 24 hours.  Users can find out what’s going on in the area as well as take part in chatting with locals.  They can also post or view photos within the given 24-hour time frame.

“If you want to chat with people near you, this is definitely an app you will want to download,” a company spokesperson commented.  “Picter is evolving the way chatting is done.  We are pioneers in the area and are exciting to launch the new app soon.”

A promo video is available on the Picter site as well as screenshots that give a visual of the look and feel of the app.

To find out more about Picter, the “chat near you to people near you” themed app, click on to their website to find out more and for news about the launching.

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