Elizabeth Johnson Releases The Much Anticipated 3rd Book Of Sebastian Vampire Romance Saga

Popular paranormal romance author Elizabeth Johnson has recently released her much awaited edition of Sebastian romance saga, named “Sebastian 3: Conquest of power”. It promises the end to all questions or does it?

London, United Kingdom – June 20, 2017 – The wait is finally over! Good news for all the Sebastian fans who have been eagerly waiting to hear more about the dashing vampire’s romance with his ladylove Hanna. Elizabeth Johnson has recently released the much awaited 3rd book of the Sebastian series, “Sebastian 3: Conquest of power”. The book was launched on Amazon in Kindle and paperback version.

The 3rd version assures a more heightened drama, gut-wrenching power struggles & bloody battles and of course a more intensified love between Sebastian and Hanna Greene.

“I am excited to bring to you the 3rd version of my Sebastian vampire romance saga series. As you know, Sebastian 2: Dark Times Arising ended with a cliff hanger, and you may be wondering whether Hanna would go back to Sebastian now that she knows he didn’t kill her mother and above all her passion for him is unquestionably strong. You might also be eager to know what Mason’s agenda is, and why he requested Thomas to abduct Sebastian and what exactly are his plans for Hanna. Well, my 3rd book will definitely answer all your questions if you have been following the series. There is a lot of delicious romance, edge on the seat actions and betrayals. I promise you an equally enthralling tale and invigorating twists and turns that will keep you glued to the pages. I believe this book like the other two will keep you wanting more and you are in for a serious delightful treat when you read my new book this month”, smiled Elizabeth while announcing the release of the 3rd version of Sebastian romance saga.

Johnson is the new favorite of the readers of paranormal romance and her central characters – the vampire Sebastian and the spirited Hanna have set a new benchmark for paranormal modern love stories today. Her first book was “Sebastian: The Life of Sebastian and Hanna Greene” where she introduced us to the vampire world of Sebastian, his pathos and hatred towards humans for killing his mother and his budding love for Hanna, a fallen angel’s daughter. Her “2nd book was Sebastian 2: Dark Times Arising” which was about the aching romance between the lead characters, their painful separation and Hanna in the midst of wars and menacing enemies. Elizabeth has been wonderful with her large characterizations, the plots and both her books have achieved a hearty 4.5 ratings form the elated readers.

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We started loving Sebastian when he first found Hanna and restrained himself from hurting her, we were delighted to find the mighty vampire being smitten by the lovely human Hanna, we were thrilled when the two kissed for the first time and our heart bled when she broke away from him. We were scared with the wars raging and every creature wanting a piece of Hanna but, we were comforted to know that Sebastian would do everything to protect his beloved Hanna.

The 3rd version picks up from where the second book has left. It starts with Thomas raging over the death of his Love Margret, and then picks up again with Hanna coming to rescue Sebastian from Mason’s clutches.  On the other hand, Mason is joined by many vampires aspiring to be day walkers. But for that they would need Hanna’s blood and power. Then, the evil Hilda Denali is also after Hanna to avenge cleanse her tribe’s wolf curse. Then, Hector gets a center stage here as the 3rd wheel and he plots to destroy Sebastian and Hanna’s union, kill Sebastian and take Hanna for himself.

Would his plans succeed or would true love triumph? Would Sebastian be able to protect Hanna from Mason and Hilda Denali?

The 3rd book might have the final answer for all your questions or it might roll the stone further towards a more intriguing future! Whichever it is, we are sure you will be delighted with the conclusion.

To grab the much anticipated 3rd version of Sebastian series, visit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071GVP1MN

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