Dom Faussette Executive Coach, Leadership Speaker Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs about His New Book: “Think React Lead.”

Executive Coach and Speaker Dom Faussette has seen success defined numerous ways over the years including charisma and positive thinking, pinstripes and red power ties, or that success is meant only for the chosen few who rise to the top.

With over a decade of corporate leadership, Executive coaching, and most importantly, real-world, in-the-trenches business experience, his view is radically different. This is what sets him apart from the traditional Executive Leadership Coach.

Faussette explains: “We cannot do anything we put our mind to, without first unlearning what the mind has retained. I’m so excited to get this book out as it is truly a labor of love! It’s written in a unique way to immerse yourself in the content through a conversational writing style as if I am speaking straight to you. You will also find that you will learn more easily from this book, not only because of the flow of the content, but there is also an integrated Action Guide which allows you to implement your learning!” 

Faussette extracts the unidentified natural leadership ability executives currently possess to build upon their platform. Dom appreciates, and shares with readers, that success is a moment-to-moment choice and not about title, capital gain or possessions. Success is a feeling of opportunity that requires engaged thought, performance-driven action and influential leadership. The type of client that Think React Lead works with is going to be that individual that is following a journey, whether it be an entrepreneur journey or a corporate path, climbing the proverbial corporate ladder, and somehow, some way, things don’t go as planned.

Learn more by listening to the interview on Influential Entrepreneurs on the Business Innovators Radio Network where Dom goes into great detail on these topics.

Additionally, you may purchase his book on Amazon

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