Bumpcology Answers Ingrown Hair Problem with Custom Solution

DETROIT, MICHIGAN – 20 Jun, 2017 – According to the Mayo Clinic, an ingrown hair occurs when hair is removed or tweezed. They go on to state that ingrown hairs are prevalent in black men that shave their facial hair. While this may be true, it does not mean that women, or men of other ethnicities, can live an ingrown hair free life.

This affliction attacks people without regard to race or sex. Unwanted hair will always be a concern, regardless of the risks involved as that hair grows back. Bumpcology aims to prevent this unsightly, and quite painful, problem.

“In a twist of fate, creating bumpcology for my clients turned out to be just what I needed to treat my own ingrown hairs. I’m not only the creator and owner of bumpcology, but I am also an enthusiastic user,” Tiffany Piggee’-Taylor said.

There are three recognized forms of ingrown hair:

1. Extrafollicular which grows out of the skin then turns back to angrily grow into the skin.

2. Intrafollicular is a hair that has a sharp tip and curls back into the skin with the distinction of the complete hair becoming ingrown.

3. Gunk bumps, a term coined by Piggee’-Taylor, come from the overproduction of oil collecting and blocking the exit human hair uses to break the skin.

Bumpcology hydrates the skin, removes dead skin cells, and softens the sebum in the pores. Bumpcology gives hairs ample opportunity to grow correctly and discourages ingrown hairs from forming. Curing the ingrown hair problem with Bumpcology started in 2014 when Piggee’-Taylor created the powerful solution for clients of her waxing studio ME Beauty Detroit.

In 2015 she started offering Bumpcology exclusively to her clients. Now Bumpcology is available for purchase from her website in a one ounce pump bottle for $30.

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