Announcing the Launch of 13Essentials Foliar Fertilizer

All Natural Micronutrient Compound Shaking Up the Cannabis Industry

DENVER, Colorado – June 20, 2017 – The team at 51Blocks is thrilled to announce the launch of 13Essentials Foliar Fertilizer, an all natural micronutrient compound aimed at changing the game for cannabis growers across the United States.

13Essentials is a balanced, nanoscale foliar fertilizer specially designed to increase the overall growth and health of your indoor plants. The unique formula contains Silica as well as 12 other nutrients to maximize results yielded by indoor plants grown in soil, hydroponically or in an alternate media such as coco. 13Essentials is a safe, non-toxic formula that is derived from naturally occurring minerals, and can be used as a seed treatment in addition to its primary function as a foliar fertilizing spray.

13Essentials is a highly concentrated formula, allowing for broad application on multiple plants. With a recommended dilution of 1 gallon of water per 5ml of 13Essentials, even the smallest bottle (4 oz) can treat up to 25 plants for 9 weeks, bringing the actual cost to the consumer down to less than $1 per plant.

Initial trials have shown fantastic results for users, with increases in size of up to 25%. Overall increase in bud yield as well as thicker stalks, larger leaves, and overall healthier plants has created a fair amount of buzz already within the grow community. Dealers in California and Pennsylvania have already signed on to sell 13Essentials in stores, with more requests for stock coming in daily.

As well as offering an amazing product,13Essentials is also a wealth of information for growers, with blogs, e-books, and case studies populating the website ( The product is available for purchase not only in stores, but on the website as well as on Amazon.

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Company Name: 13Essentials
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