Renowned Humanitarian Releases the Ultimate Guidebook for Humanity

Written By Dr. Nefertiti, the Book Is Titled ‘Raise Your Vibration Now: A Perfect Guide To Ageing Less, Detoxing And Manifesting Greatness’

June 20, 2017 – Inspiring Humanitarian and the Founder of OMG, Dr. Niemah Nefertiti Royal has recently announced the release of her new book. The book is titled  ‘Raise Your Vibration Now: A Guide to Ageing Less, Detoxing and Manifesting Greatness’ and it is now available on the website of OMG. Outstanding Motivational Goddesses or OMG is an organization that is running a global water and food campaign for countries in need and Dr. Nefertiti has written this book to help the people.

“I have written this book to assist people with loving themselves to a greater degree so they then can develop a deeper since and love and compassion for others.” Said Dr. Niemah Nefertiti Royal while talking about her new book. “This book also has a 14-30 day detox that will cleanse all vital organs, toxins, and disease physically, mentally and emotionally that will bring that individual into a greater sense of balance.” She added. The author also thanked all those who donate regularly to the OMG organization in its causes that are aimed at saving millions of lives.

According to the reviews received by the book, it gives the readers a better understanding of how their body works from  a holistic perspective. Moreover, it is the ultimate life-changing guidebook for a long, healthy and happier life with a satisfied inner self. Furthermore, the author has discussed the internal energies of a human body in greater details. It shares a step by step program that will assist their body, mind and spirit like never before and will take them to the new heights of inner peace and comfort.

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About the Author

Dr. Niemah Nefertiti Royal is a renowned and inspiring Humanitarian, Philanthropist, Holistic Lover of Life and Love, A Minister, A Philosopher, Community and Global Leader, A Mother, and High Vibrational Light Being. Moreover, she is the founder of OMG and this book her the result of her research work to benefit the humanity at large.

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