Airwheel C8 Smart Motorcycle Helmet, A Wearable Equipment Especially Made For Racing Bicycle Riders

So many traffic accident happen every day that we cannot put too much emphasis on the importance of traffic safety. Similarly, it is of great importance for wearing helmet when doing racings. Racing bicycle is comparatively more danger than cycling. C8 smart racing helmet of Airwheel is born for safeguarding motorcycle riders.

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Safety issue will never be an old-fashioned topic. So we emphasize that it is necessary to wear protective equipment or clothing to cope with any accidents during racing bicycles. In Airwheel’s smart products, C5 intelligent helmet is better than common helmet in current market owing to its multi-functions. However, here you can find a more suitable one-Airwheel C8, especially designed for racing bicycles.

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C8 racing helmet

As far as we know, racing bicycle is faster than cycling so anything you do during a ride shall be extremely dangerous. We believe that most of motorcycle riders prefer to listen to music by wearing headphones or sometimes answer phone calls when they are speeding on. Here and now, C8 racing helmet can do what normal helmet can’t do since it is installed with Bluetooth speaker.

By this design, riders can enjoy music safely as they could hear the periphery sound of something astir for making actions when meeting any emergency anytime at the same time. Plus, riders can pick up phone calls by clicking the answer key for liberating hands. It becomes more interesting for racing bicycle with these functions.

C5 intelligent helmet

Another significant function is the photo or video shooting. 2304X1296 high-definition resolution for the accompanying camera installed on C8 racing helmet can capture each moment for you so as to retrospect in future days. The precise lens presents high-contrast and high resolution shooting performance for giving you real vision through the imaging. What’s more, the 120° view-shed camera helps C8 to shoot unbeatable images and videos. Sure, C8’s other functions like App control, 24 hours’ monitoring and Wi-Fi transmission are also remarkable.

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Last but not least, it should be comfortable to wear C8 racing helmet. It adopts streamlined design full of dynamics and the grooves in the top and bottom air outlets is left for allowing air to flow. The 3D modeling technology assists to match the riders’ head and the helmet. Anyway, if you like racing bicycle, Airwheel C8 will better suit you.

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