Cangzhou Kenuo international Co.,Ltd Launches Advanced Transformer Core Cutting Machines for worldwide clients

Cangzhou Kenuo international Co.,Ltd is a company based in China. It specializes in transformer assembly production. It was founded in 2005 and has attained recognition from well known standards.

Emergence of newer demands has led to an increase in the number of industries to meet these demands. Therefore, there is a subsequent rise in the demand of new and innovative machines and technique. These advanced machines and techniques help to supply the market with a variety of products in large numbers.

Cangzhou Kenuo international Co.,Ltd is a company that manufactures a number of equipments that are needed for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. The company produces a number of equipments such as Silicon steel cut to length line, CRGO cutting machine, swing share transformer core cutting machine, transformer unicore cutting machine, slitting machine, decoiler, carbide alloy tooling, and other electrical steel cutting equipment, etc. The company has been manufacturing, exporting and supplying its products in various countries across the world.

The company is a Transformer core cutting machine supplier. The machines are operated easily in a Chinese-English man-machine interface. The users are ensured of the machine’s accuracy, longevity, high speed and less noise. The machines are also placed at reasonable prices. The company’s products have been certified under various standards. The company ensures that it is able to provide its customers with quality products. 

Transformer core cutting machine supplier

Cangzhou Kenuo international Co.,Ltd manufactures core cutting machines. CRGO V notching machine is designed to automatically notch a V shape on the silicon steel core laminations of transformers. These shapes can be notched in different positions as per the demand of the customers. The company uses good quality raw materials to ensure that the products are efficient, low on power consumption and maintenance. The company also offers a facility to exchange products immediately, in case there is a defect in it or the customer is not satisfied with the product.

The company also offers Transformer core cut to length facility. The machine is used for mitred and straight cutting and punching, feeding rack, V-shape silicon steel laminations. PLC and HMI operations control the machines. The machine is designed in a manner that allows the user to use the machine easily and as per his requirements. The machine is efficient, accurate and cuts the silicon steel coil depending on the drawings and designs provided for different products. Cangzhou Kenuo international Co.,Ltd has a quality management team that helps to maintains high quality products in the market.

The details and descriptions of all the products manufacture by the company are available on the company’s official website. The company’s representatives are also available all the time to clarify any doubts that the customers may have with regard to any of the products.

About Cangzhou Kenuo international Co.,Ltd

Cangzhou Kenuo international Co.,Ltd manufactures various equipments such as transformer core cutting machines. It is based in China and it caters to the demands of residential, commercial and industrial purposes. To know more about their products please visit their official website.

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