Reaping the Benefits of VSP Eye Exams at Complete Family Eyecare

Burnsville, Minnesota Vision is perhaps the most critical out of the five senses. Almost every job relies on good sight. Moreover, blindness correlates to an impaired health condition and social status in the long run. The cost of eye care depends on what procedure a patient undergoes. It can go as low as $50 for an examination but may reach thousands of dollars for extensive medical procedures. This might leave the patient unprepared, especially if he has no healthcare insurance. Hence, Complete Family Eyecare accepts Vision Service Plan (VSP) insurance to help patients reduce the cost of their eye care services, including eyeglasses and contact lenses.

“As a VSP provider, we provide you with quality vision care. It includes a wide-range of stylish designer eyewear and the personal attention you expect from an independent VSP eye doctor,” says Complete Family Eyecare spokesperson, Dr. Steven Reinders, OD. He added that the Vision Service Plan is not actually an insurance but a program which provides members discounts on vision care services and products. “You do not have to look for coupons or wait for markdowns on a Burnsville eye exam. By going to a VSP provider like Complete Family Eyecare, you already save money,” adds Dr. Reinders.

Complete Family Eyecare, as a VSP provider, covers various eye care procedures depending on the plan chosen by the patient. For instance, they accept VSP for diagnosis of certain eye conditions like dry eye syndrome and glaucoma. Examinations and consultations for cataracts and LASIK are also covered for patients with severely impaired vision. On the other hand, parents may find that their children are covered under their VSP plan, so when they are looking for a Burnsville eye exam, it may also include child eye examinations. Lastly, people covered with VSP will not have to change doctors every year as they choose their optometrist.

Patients experience excellent vision care services at Complete Family Eyecare and Dr. Steve Reinders OD. Complete Family Eyecare offers a comprehensive eye examination for patients to get a clear understanding of any vision issues they may have. The company also gives advice as to the frame that best suits the patient’s style and personality; when availing the benefits, patients will not have to complete forms – the company takes care of that for them.

Complete Family Eyecare advises their patients to learn more about the coverage of VSP and their eligibility. The money they save depends on whether or not the eye care service they choose is covered. To know more about VSP and the company, visit their website at Their office is located at 13971 W Preserve Boulevard, Burnsville, Minnesota.

For inquiries, clients can reach them at 952-562-8116 or through their email at

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