Kidcia Launches Its High End Quadcopter Drone with Powerful FPV Camera

Kidcia, A Chinese company, based in Hangzhou province, is a manufacturer of radio controlled toys. Their products ranges from radio controlled toys such as cars, trucks, aerial vehicles and drones.

In recent years with the advent of radio controlled toys, the whole concept of playtime has a more scientific and technological aspect attached to it. Kids and adults alike enjoy their playtime and leisure hours fiddling with toys that are technologically advanced. Radio controlled toys can come in all shapes and sizes. They mainly consist of model cars, trucks and aerial vehicles. The r/c toys can either be battery powered or can be powered via miniature internal combustion engines. They are generally controlled via a modified radio transmitter or remote. Toy grade r/c vehicles are manufactured with the focus being on reducing the cost of production and emphasizing on design and details. Kidcia that recently came up with their range of small drones, which comes attached with a first person view camera that can both take still and video photography while in the air!

Kidcia Launches Its High End Quadcopter Drone with Powerful FPV Camera

The toy drone is equipped with flexible and foldable aerofoil along with added features like app based, Wi-Fi control via Smartphone. The on board controlling chip and the integrated circuit of the drone is equipped with altitude control, hold and stability control provides the user with the added fun of performing aerobic stunts.

The main features of the quadcopter is that its 3 mega pixel first person view camera that is capable of both aerial video and still photography. An option for speed selection is also provided that facilitates the user to adapt, according to indoor and outdoor playing conditions. To protect the drone from damage and scraping from the ground during landing operations, cushioning is provided at the base of the drone. The quad copter is ideal for outdoor and indoor operational conditions. It comes pre loaded with the ‘gravity’ setting that enables the user for learning how to control the vehicle without damaging the same.

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The powerful motors combined with advanced stability control via gyroscopes provide the drone with the ability to hover at a certain height steadily during photography. Along with all of these features, the built quality of the drone is impeccable. Kidcia keeps a vigil watch over the strict quality control it maintains over the manufacture of its products. The company provides all the basic trade information a client needs for conducting trade with them. They operate a 24×7 toll free hotline where national and international clientele are handled with diligence.

About Kidcia

Kidcia recently launched their range of radio controlled toy drones. Quality controlled, safe and user friendly products are supplied by the company all over world. For further trade related details please refer the aforementioned web address.

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