Blomdahl USA – Earring Backs and Skin Friendly Earrings

Merrick, New York – Blomdahl USA specializes in providing an innovative ear piercing system and jewelry that is skin friendly. They have earrings and earring backs that can accommodate even the most sensitive skin.

“Blomdahl Skin Friendly Jewelry gives those who suffer from nickel allergy a second chance to wear earrings again! In the United States, it can be very confusing when looking for nickel free earrings or hypoallergenic earrings. All of our earrings are made with Medical Plastic or Medical Grade Titanium. These medical grade materials ensure maximum comfort and safety for people who struggle with nickel sensitivity. Give us a try, you won’t be disappointed, guaranteed!” reads an excerpt from their website. Click to read more. The company is known for crafting earrings that are generally safe for people who have skin sensitive allergies.

Earrings are a very popular piece of jewelry worn by both sexes and history can trace their usage to the earliest of civilizations. In fact, from 2,000 BC, earrings made out of gold, silver, and bronze were apparent in the Minoan Civilization. As the 1970’s approached, ear piercing became a very common practice amongst women in the recent ages. Earrings come in many different forms from studs, hoops, drops, dangles, and barbell earrings. Commonly earrings such as studs come with a post that holds a decorative element and earring backs which prevent it from falling out of a person’s ear.

In some cases, people with relatively sensitive skin or certain allergies cannot tolerate certain types of earrings, leading people to look for alternatives that would not cause any allergic reaction. Blomdahl USA presents people with skin allergies substitutes to the common materials used in earrings, such as medical grade titanium or medical plastic. It allows the user the benefit of wearing jewelry without the disadvantages and potential health hazards caused by traditional materials used. They also have a collection of bracelets and necklaces that take pride in collaborative efforts with skin specialists to deliver an allergy-free experience.

Blomdahl USA offers an ear piercing service that is also geared towards people that are susceptible to skin problems, ensuring the optimal safety of their procedures. People with sensitive skin can find more about the company and the other products and services that Blomdahl USA offers by visiting their website at or contacting them at via email at or via phone at 516-868-7149. They are located at 240, Thelma Ave, Merrick, New York.

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