Easy Newswire Reveals How to Target the Media with Press Releases

PASADENA, CA – 21 Jun, 2017 – Easy Newswire is a valuable marketing provider for every business. It always delivered top notch results that met every business requirements and expectations entirely.

Businesses are always seeking new opportunities of presenting their services and products more efficiently and effectively to a wider and more varied audience. At the same time, they look for more cost effective methods of advertising and obtaining greater exposure without spending highly significant amounts of money. By utilizing Easy Newswire, they are able to achieve these advantages and benefits, when compared to the traditionally accepted forms of marketing.

For the business of every size and industry, press releases deliver exceptional results, which mean that they can work like a magic wand to grow their online presence and boost exposure.

Easy Newswire provides several advantages in terms of incoming traffic to a website as well as instant visibility of news released posted on popular press release distribution websites. Due to that, people are choosing Easy Newswire. It helps them in promoting their website, e-Business, as well as products and services offered by them online. Some intelligent internet marketers are also using it to introduce people with the latest offers and announcements about their organization.

Easy Newswire offers exclusive features and several added benefits to their users. Rather than just publishing it to its website, Easy Newswire redistributes the news published on its website at several other locations like Google and Yahoo News, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Associated Press and other major news agencies in the world.

Along with their news release, people also get added features to include pictures, audio and video clips related to the news. It adds interactivity to the news piece provided for publishing and attracts more people once they are published. Although these features are not available with free Press release submission packages, people have to select the premium option to enjoy these exclusive benefits of press release submission. But the benefits offered are worth considering.

Easy Newswire offers editorial consultation prior to submission of releases. It helps in making well-written news releases look more professional and appealing to the targeted segment of people. People can track the visibility of their press release. They can check how many times their news has been read by people (categorized by geographical area and keywords used to find that news release). However, its target media include the most up-to-date media contacts with access to over 850,000 journalists across over 120,000 media outlets, dedicated to publishing news story for the world to see.

In conclusion, Easy Newswire is the most suitable and reliable distribution service provider for press releases. This is because, it is completely compatible with every business goals, needs, and budget.

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