New Jersey Wedding Photography Is Popular Like Never Before: 1314 Studio Making Beautiful ‘Big Day’ Memories

New Jersey wedding photography is at the peak of popularity with American couples spending more money on it with every year. Hiring a skilled NJ wedding photographer has become an essential cost for this celebration and goes right after rings and venue.

New Jersey wedding photography is in great demand today as almost no celebration of the ‘big day’ goes without it. In fact, hiring a professional photographer has become the fourth biggest essential expense of this event. The first three are hiring the venue, engagement ring, and wedding bands.

This boost in popularity has caused an emergence of dozens photographers. Unfortunately, not all of them have the level of skill necessary to take stunning pictures. Therefore, shopping for a New Jersey wedding photographer is becoming a highly stressful and time-consuming activity.

1314 Studio, a Philadelphia based studio specializing in wedding photography, stands out among competitors due to their approach to marketing. They don’t fill the pages of their website with elaborate texts about how good they are. Instead, they let their work speak for itself. The website is full of pictures and testimonials, which prove the photographers’ skills better than any sales pitches.

New Jersey Wedding Photography: How to Get the Best

The qualities to look for in a reliable New Jersey wedding photographer include:

  • Professionalism in everything.
    One should always look beyond the presentation photos on the photographer’s personality, attitude, punctuality, etc. It’s things like that, which can ruin the couple’s special day. Therefore, assess every personal and professional quality of the specialist during the initial interview. Don’t hesitate to keep searching for someone the couple feels comfortable with.
  • Suitable style.
    Every photographer is different, so one has to find a pro with a style they love. Top-quality services, like 1314 Studio offer a variety of shots at their website. For example, just browsing through will allow the bride and groom-to-be decide if they like these professionals’ work.
  • Reasonable costs.
    Money shouldn’t be the deciding factor, but it does matter. The average cost of a wedding photographer in the US was a bit over $2,500 in 2016. However, the ‘average’ doesn’t account for the fact that prices depend on location. For example, at the rural South one can hire a photographer for $300. However, in NYC or Los Angeles the prices can go up to $9,000+, depending on the package. New Jersey wedding photography usually stays on the more expensive side. The good news is that top-quality pros offset this by offering luxury service to every client.

1314 Studio welcomes all couples looking for a talented New Jersey wedding photographer to help them commemorate their most romantic day.

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