Renowned Industry Expert Joins Enerblu to Drive Microgrid and Energy Storage Business.

RIVERSIDE, CA – 21 Jun, 2017 – Enerblu, Inc.(EnerBlü) is excited to announce that Mr. Chris Cook has joined the Company to lead their fast-growing global portfolio of energy storage and Microgrid opportunities starting June 15, 2017. 

Chris Cook is joining as Executive Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and Group Vice-President of Enerblu Grid Services. Mr. Cook brings tremendous experience in a variety of technical, financial and legal areas acquired across his prominent solar and energy storage career. Mr. Cook was a SunEdison co-founder where he served as its first General Counsel. His regulatory team helped create the Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) programs in the leading solar states that continue to support solar installations. He wrote the first solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for SunEdison that became the model contract for the solar industry. Using his utility background, he helped develop small generator interconnection standards and has testified as an expert before Congress and several state legislatures and commissions on net metering. More recently, Chris founded Solar Grid Storage, a company focused on the use of financed battery storage to enhance the value of solar power on electric grids. 

Daniel Elliott, CEO of Enerblu, Inc. commented, “With Chris, EnerBlü lands a dream team player. In a very conservative and complex field, Chris has passionately built a reputation on innovation, he pioneered multiple key programs that enabled today’s unbelievably rapid deployment of PV solar across the US and globally. I am very excited that Chris has decided to join Enerblu where he will work with our leadership team to support the development of EnerBlu’s high power storage solution strategy. Chris will also lead our Grid Services group where his extensive renewable and energy storage background is absolutely invaluable to a company like ours.” 

Chris Cook added, “I am delighted to join EnerBlü at a time where markets are ready to embrace sustainable solutions that not only makes sense for the environment but make sense financially and socially. EnerBlu’s market approach, their unique technologies and the quality of the team are indisputable.”

About EnerBlü, Inc.

The merging of our electrification value chain with both our automotive value chain and our advanced battery value chain creates new capability requirements that are essential to the success of business development initiatives for our partners and clients. EnerBlü provides unique business and technical support platforms to OEMs targeting the various and numerous EV markets in the United States while leveraging tremendous technical and marketing expertise for a wide range of stationary and mobile energy storage applications globally. EnerBlü offers unique technical and manufacturing capabilities as well as front line technology development in all aspects of thermal engine hybridization, DC/DC and DC/AC converter expertise, PV diesel hybrid microgrid, battery management systems and intelligent power control management technology.

The EnerBlü team passionately embraces the challenge of impacting society today with smart and clean power on a global scale.

EnerBlu, Inc. also known as EnerBlü is the parent company of:

EnerBlü Grid Services (EGS)

EnerBlü Power Products (EPP)

EnerBlü e-Transport (EET aka SEVI)

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