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Richmond, VA – In cases where people in a commercial or residential area face continuous flu and cold, it is important to trace and eliminate the cause of the air quality problem before it gets too serious. This is precisely why it is necessary for a household or workplace to have regular indoor air quality checks. Located in Richmond City in Virginia, Test My Air Now is the best indoor air quality testing company offering the best air treatment solutions and services to both residential and commercial clients.

With over 26 years of experience, Test My Air Now has built a reputation as the best indoor air quality testing company for both residential and commercial buildings. According to Jack Whitmore, a licensed and insured air quality testing professional leading the Richmond office, “We are experts in our field and we specialize in discovering what particles may be causing your breathing problems and coming up with a solution that will end your symptoms.” He also added that “we do not only check your air quality, we also have the expertise to test for hidden molds and it’s causing that you may not be aware of.”

It is important not to overlook consistent cold-like symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestions, or more serious issues like skin rashes, hives, and breathing difficulties as these can be a sign of a serious indoor air quality problem. AirNow can easily be utilized to keep up with air quality. During an air quality test, he series of checkups during the house inspection includes Check up for ventilation and air duct system, Check up for contaminants in the air caused by chemicals being used indoors, Check up for contaminants indoors that might be being brought in from the outside and Check up for biological contaminants.

After the inspection, the experts will present a diagnostic report that points out the problems and also offer solutions that clients may prefer. For those who think they might have an indoor air quality problem, why not try here for the solution.

Test My Air Now values the air quality of Richmond, Virginia residents and all its surrounding areas. Regardless of the type of air contaminants one may face, Test My Air Now is willing to help in getting rid of it. For more information or appointment scheduling, call or email them at (804) 687-9190 or jackwhitmoreaqc@gmail.com. Alternatively, one can visit their website at http://testmyairnow.com.

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