Test My Air Now Offers Air Quality Solutions in Richmond VA

Richmond, VA – Indoor air quality testing should often be done to help people avoid any respiratory infections or diseases. Most people do not see the importance of an indoor air quality test. However, the test could be the key to solving the cause of respiratory system problems like sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose, difficulty in breathing, skin rashes, and hives. Air quality solution is meant to ensure people can clean the air in their homes.

According to Jack Whitmore, owner of Test My Air Now, “Air Quality Consultants Inc. performs indoor air quality tests for both residential and commercial building. We also serve insurance companies and have performed tests for hotels, realtors, and more. If you need your air quality checked in your home or business, look no further than A.Q.C.” He continues to say, “Air Quality Consultants Inc. has provided professional, timely, and dependable services on multiple jobs over the years, which includes jobs for major insurance carriers. The services of AQC have proven to be reliable and consistent.”

Indoor air quality test is one of the major air quality solutions offered by air quality consultants. Once a client requests to avail of the company’s service, a team of highly trained and licensed AQC consultants will perform a complete house indoor air quality test. The results of the indoor air quality test are compiled in a diagnostic report. As per the report, AQC advises air quality solutions that best cleanses the air impurities. Click for more information.

AQC provides several air quality solutions in the City of Richmond VA. They include indoor air purifiers, using the IQ Air’s Hyper HEPA filtration, which eliminates up to 10 times more harmful contaminants and allergens than conventional air purifiers. AQC provides each client with the information they need about any indoor air purifiers. AQC offers customers mold test kits as one of their air quality solutions. Molds can cause a lot of health issues because it releases mold spore into the air and it can cause respiratory allergies. The mold test kits guarantee to identify mold and help get rid of it.

Test My Air Now is located in Richmond, VA. Interested clients can contact them via phone at (804) 687-9190 or via email at jackwhitmoreaqc@gmail.com. For more information, visit the company’s official website at http://testmyairnow.com/.

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Company Name: Test My Air Now
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Email: jackwhitmoreaqc@gmail.com
Phone: (804) 687-9190
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