Felix Gray Offers Glasses that Block Blue Light

New York, NY – Blue light is a color in the “visible light spectrum” that can be seen by the human eye as it sits next to UV light. It can be found everywhere. The light from the sun travels through the atmosphere, and high-energy blue wavelengths collide with the air molecules that causes blue light to scatter everywhere. Furthermore, the human body uses blue light from the sun to regulate natural sleep and wake cycles. It also boosts alertness, heightens reaction times, and elevates moods. As a result, a lot of companies have come up with solutions on how to filter it to protect people from its dangers, like Felix Gray, providing glasses that block blue light.

Felix Gray is one of the companies that specializes lenses to filter blue light. In the early beginnings of Felix Gray, according to Mr. Chris Benedict, CMO, “The idea for Felix Gray was born in the office. Coming from analytical roles in technology and finance, mistakes made at the end of the day because of tired and strained eyes wouldn’t fly. Unsatisfied with all other computer glasses out there, we set out on a mission to do things better. To accomplish this, we spent our first six months collecting data and feedback from thousands of real employees at companies like Google, Barclays, Spotify, and LinkedIn. The end result: beautifully handcrafted eyewear with a clear, blue light filtering lens that eliminates glare and creates a more comfortable workday.” He goes on saying that, “Our small team consists of millennials with diverse backgrounds in finance, technology, nonprofits, and design. We consider our customers a unique community of tech-savvy creators, designers, analysts, and developers, just like our former colleagues. Built from customer feedback, we constantly evolve in order to produce the highest quality eyewear and experience. Felix Gray is a company built by you for you.”

With the technology evolvement, artificial sources of blue light are produced by electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop monitors, as well as energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs and LED lights. However, being overexposed to blue light can lead to harmful effects to humans such as sleep disturbance, macular degeneration, and digital eye strain. View these helpful resources for more information.

With their extensive research, they have formulated just how to create a great product for blue light filtration. Normal blue light filtration techniques start by installing a yellow tinted blue blocking lens in eyeglasses, which drastically changes color perception and greatly reduces the infiltration of blue light. The second technique is applying coatings on top of the lens. However, they are not that effective. They only filter around 25% of blue light and do not fully target the most important wavelength range of blue light which is 400-440 nm. Coatings may also chip and wear away. Felix Gray glasses filter blue light differently, using special anti-glare lenses that deflect blue light without reflecting it like other techniques.

For clients who wish to know further about their products and service, visit their website at https://shopfelixgray.com/. Felix Gray is located at 500 7th Ave, Floor 17A, New York, NY (10018). Clients can also contact Mr. Chris Benedict at (646) 580-5207 or send an email to c@shopfelixgray.com.

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