Divorce Mediation Service Opens Offices in Atlantic County and Mercer County New Jersey

Advanced Mediation Solutions Announces the Opening of Two Branch Offices; One in Linwood NJ, and the Other in Princeton, NJ.

Advanced Mediation Solutions (AMS) has opened branch offices in Atlantic County and Mercer County, New Jersey. AMS will serve clients in their new offices, as well as in the main office in Cherry Hill. AMS owner and professional mediator Roseann Vanella does every mediation session herself. She wanted to reach out to more clients throughout the state who are looking for an alternative to traditional divorce litigation, and make it more convenient for them to receive the personalized service she provides.

“There is a great need for divorce mediation services in other parts of New Jersey,” Vanella says. “This is particularly true in Atlantic County, where there are not many other professional mediators who do what I do. I’m excited about the two new offices I’ve opened, because it will bring me closer to couples in these areas who are in need of my services.”

What is Divorce Mediation?

Mediation is a method of settling a divorce that bypasses court proceedings and allows couples to resolve outstanding issues (such as child custody, finances, etc.) in a cordial, non-adversarial setting.

“Divorce mediation saves couples time and money, because they do not have to hire attorneys, and they can work out a settlement usually within just 2-3 months,” Vanella continues. “The mediation process also puts couples in greater control of the outcome of their divorce, and it ensures privacy, because unlike family court proceedings, mediation sessions are not part of the public record.”

Because of Vanella’s background and expertise, she handles all types of divorces, from the simplest to the most complex. For example, Roseann handles high net worth divorces for couples with complicated financial circumstances such those with unique investments and family-owned businesses. In such cases, she brings in outside experts (when needed) to help craft the asset division and support arrangements. These include CPAs, financial advisors, business valuators, forensic accountants, and attorneys.

“I have a strong business and financial background, as well as extensive mediation experience. I put this skillset to work to help couples that are working through a wide range of issues. I understand that each circumstance is unique, and I work closely with each couple to develop a settlement that works best for them.”

AMS is solely owned and operated by Vanella, and she believes her personal touch is one of the factors differentiates her in the marketplace.

“I am one of the few mediators in the state who does this full-time. I mediate each session personally, and I take a straightforward and down-to-earth approach that my clients appreciate. I have been through a divorce myself, and I understand what my clients are going through. This gives me a unique perspective that allows me to better empathize with my clients and see things the way they see them.”

With three offices statewide as well as the option for virtual mediation, Vanella is now poised to serve a greater number of couples who are looking for alternative ways to handle their divorces.

About Roseann Vanella

Roseann Vanella is a professional full-time mediator with an extensive background in business and finance. Before founding Advanced Mediation Solutions, Roseann spent over a quarter of a century working for a Global Fortune 100 firm, where she specialized and excelled in negotiating complex contracts. In her divorce mediation practice, she has handles divorces for couples with a wide range of circumstances.

Roseann has previously hosted her own radio show, and is currently publisher of FamilyAffaires.com, a worldwide online community offering education and support in the areas of Special Needs Parenting, Divorce, Health Crisis and Aging Family Members. She is also an active member of the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators and the Academy of Professional Family Mediators, and she was inducted into the Cambridge Who’s Who list of executives, professionals and entrepreneurs.

Having gone through a divorce herself and benefited from mediation, Roseann is passionate about her work and helping others who are going through what she has. She works with each couple directly, and she strives to deliver successful resolutions that bring optimal benefit to all parties involved.

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