Data Integrity Solutions Corporation – Offers New Information Asset Management Training and Consulting Services

TAMPA, FL – 21 Jun, 2017 – We are pleased to announce the formation and opening of the Data Integrity Solutions Corporation, headquartered in Tampa Florida. Ms. Jen Maldonado and her partner Mr. Ken Graham has teamed up to provide Strategic Training and Consulting Services in the field of Enterprise Information Asset Management.  The firm’s banding statement is “Turning Data into Dollars and Sense”.  Ms. Maldonado is the majority owner and is excited about the opportunity to improve the lives of others through information excellence.

Ms. Maldonado stated, “We believe the opportunity to Train and Consult on the importance of Information Integrity is an underserved market and is an Imperative for the 21st Century.  We look forward to leading the discussion in the importance of Information Integrity.”

Collectively, Ms. Maldonado and Mr. Graham bring a unique set of complementary skills of Quality Information Systems and Information Asset Management expertise to the marketplace.

Data Integrity Solutions Corporation is actively marketing to organizations the value of an Information Integrity Plan.  Today most organizations have an Information Security Plan but most do not have an Information Integrity Plan.  IBM recently reported US Businesses are losing $3.1 trillion per year as a result of low data quality. Additionally 40% of an organization’s intrinsic value is not ever realized because of their data condition and 32% of their data is inaccurate or unusable.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Data Integrity Solutions Corporation at 813.415.2713 or email: and

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