Health & Happiness Expert Dara Jean Fischetti’s new book shares the keys to “Recreate” Self when life is at a crossroads

Expert Fitness Professional, Life Coach and small business owner/creator of ‘Super Girl Fitness’ Dara Jean Fischetti is about to launch her new book “You, Happy Ever After” which will provide readers the steps to rebuild themselves after major life changes.

Redondo Beach, CA – June 21, 2017 – Popular life coach and celebrity fitness expert Dara Jean Fischetti is soon to launch her new book which will reveal the “keys” to recreate oneself after major life changes like divorce, heartbreak or loss of a spouse. Entitled as “You, Happy Ever After”, the piece aims to guide on the proven action steps to attain a stronger, happier, healthier and more confident self.

Dara will be officially launching her book on July 8 (6 p.m.) at ‘Pages A Bookstore’, Manhattan beach, CA. 

“You, Happy Ever After” is a one-of-a-kind guidebook that shows the way to gracefully transition into another role when the previous role exists no more. Whether making a shift from married to divorced/widowed or busy mom to empty nester, or working to retired- Dara’s book houses the answer to a smooth shift for every challenging or heartbreaking situation.

The author has armed up the book with the tested strategies and keys needed to unlock the true power to elevate oneself after a major life change. The piece is packed with the necessary steps to get rid of the unwanted fear, guilt and self-doubt that bar progress, so that one can be the unstoppable, super confident, sexy and awesome woman she has always wished to be. Inside the readers will learn the true inspiring stories and honest confessions of how Dara overcame heartbreak and recreated herself to be the power woman she is today. 

“At one point of time we will have to face a life-altering situation leaving us uncertain on what to do next. Most of the regular self-help books cannot advise us how to elegantly shift from one role/phase on life to another and enjoy the process. My book aims to fill up the gap here by offering the steps to gracefully transit to a new improved self when life puts you at a cusp”, stated Dara Jean Fischetti while speaking about her new book.  

The author herself has been at rock bottom after her divorce and she knows the struggle of being at a crossroads when life takes a tragic turn. After she was forced out of her own home, she decided that an EPIC bounce back was an absolute must if she was going to thrive. Determined to create a better life, Dara enrolled in several programs within the span of 6 years that included; detoxing to cleanse her body, learning strategies to reprogram her mind, and practicing meditation and Yoga to build her spirit – all the while working extremely hard to gain a solid footing for her business. Her efforts paid off and within just a few years she became healthier, happier, more enthusiastic, more confident and the unstoppable Dara she is today.

Now she is a well-known fitness expert and life coach who is often invited by leading channels like FOX, ABC, NBC etc. to empower her audience with her compelling life-changing insights. Through her book, she now wants to pass on that same wisdom to many struggling women (and men) around the world. 

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