For the first time, a startup arrives with best matching body products for each zodiac sign

New startup has come up with best matching body care products for each zodiac sign. All products are naturally made, vegan and cruelty free.

Chesterfield, MO – June 21, 2017 – If each zodiac sign is different from each other in terms of traits and needs, why would their body products be same? No body-care company has ever been mindful of the fact resulting in ineffective care for centuries. But not anymore – A new unique startup, ZodiacBody has aimed to change the scene for better with its innovative body care products for each zodiac sign. 

The company works with astrologers and aromatherapists to craft the most matching body, bath and home products for every astrology sign.

“We all know each zodiac represents a unique personality yet we often undermine the fact every zodiac has different needs when it comes to body and skin care. Just as there are specific colors for each zodiac, there are particular essential oils for specific signs. For example, a body product suitable for Libra won’t always be compatible with a Pisces. Thus, we have come up with exclusive body care products made with specific essential oil blends for each zodiac sign. Such a formula would benefit all the zodiac signs individually by improving their typical positive traits. Our unique blends will also calm down the particular negative characteristics of each zodiac sign”, stated Nicole Simpson, the lady behind ZodiacBody.

The company is presently offering a wide number of body scrubs, body butters and aromatic candles. All the products are specifically categorized for respective zodiac signs so that users find it easier to shop as per their typical sun sign. Those who are more experienced in astrology or essential oils, will find beneficial properties by using a variety of the brands based on their full astrological charts or by reading the listed essential oil benefits of each product directly on the each product page. 

The website has also clearly mentioned about the timeline of each zodiac for those confused about their particular zodiac.

“All our body products are excellent for skin. We follow a strict organic approach with our products to ensure a safe usage for our users. Our scrubs are powerful enough to  get rid of a dry and dull skin, but also adequately smooth and moisturize, to ensure a gentle effect on the body. We promise premium body butters that will moisturize and hydrate your skin to utmost perfection. You will love the super-soft after effect and there is no question of greasy residue here. Then, our long burning soy candles are meant for the best soothing aromatherapy” Nicole explained adding all their products are vegan and cruelty-free.

The inspiration for Zodiac Body came from Nicole’s personal experience with essential oils. Like a true Libra, she often used to struggle for balance in life which led to constant indecisiveness and changing. She tried out various methods to calm her fleeting mind but nothing helped. Then, suddenly she discovered that that there is a specific oil for Libras and it worked like magic for her. It led her to the search of other essential oils for other zodiac signs and thus Zodiac Body was formed. 

Zodiac Body is soon to come up with more products like body sprays, bath salts, oils and diffusers, lotions, lip scrubs and more. Simpson also mentioned about uniquely made Loofas for her upcoming collection.  

The company is open for both retail/ wholesale and nationwide shipping. 

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