JT Spas customers easily search by width, height, and brand for their preferred shower cubicles

When it comes to finding the ideal shower cubicle for the modern bathroom, JT Spas makes the search easier by allowing customers to search for their preferred enclosures by brand, height, width, and more.

The JT Spas website is easy to navigate, as the bathroom products are conveniently displayed by category. The categories for bathroom products at JT Spas include furniture, bathroom suites, baths, radiators, showers, toilets and basins, taps, accessories, and shower enclosures. This arrangement offers added convenience to customers who are in a hurry when looking for the exact bathroom products and supplies they need.

But for those who are seeking the right kind of shower enclosure for their bathrooms, the JT Spas website offers another convenience: that of giving customers the option to select their shower enclosure or cubicle by width, height, and brand, as well as price, and whether or not they will opt for JT Spas’ free delivery service.

Whilst the products, especially the shower cubicles, are all neatly laid out on JT Spas’ shower cabin page, customers who are looking for something more specifically to their budget, need, or liking can find what they are seeking in minutes. For example, the width choices range from 700mm (ideal for smaller and more compact bathrooms) to up to 1700mm, and the choices in height also range between 1900mm and 2300mm. Customers also have the option to search for the trusted brand they prefer, which includes Kubex, Lisna Waters, Aqualusso, Insignia, Aqualux, Kinedo, Sensual Spas, and Moods.

For instance, by doing a specific search for a brand such as Sensual Spas, customers can immediately view 29 types of shower cubicles and cabins, which include the Sensual Spas 800mm by 800mm quadrant hydro shower cubicle (self-contained) cabin, the Sensual Spas pure 1200mm by 800mm white right offset quadrant hydro shower cubicle, the Sensual Spas Serenity steam shower measuring 1200mm by 900mm in a rectangular shape, and other cubicles such as mirrored ones and those equipped with an electric shower. For customers who have a higher budget, there is also the ultra-luxurious Sensual Spas Aegean white combination steam shower cabin and whirlpool bath, which measures 1500mm by 900mm. As its name implies, it can function both as a steam shower as well as a whirlpool bath, according to the user’s need.

Through its easy-to-understand and easily-distinguishable categories, customers should be able to find exactly what they require in no time. To find out more about the selection of affordable shower enclosures at JT Spas, visit http://www.jtspas.co.uk.

About JT Spas

JT Spas is an established supplier of bathroom products in the UK, specialising in affordable yet high-quality bathroom products. The range of products available at JT Spas includes a wide selection of shower enclosures. All the products can be found on the JT Spas website. 

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