Skid Lids Plus Is Launched — A New Place To Go For Motorcycle Wear

There’s no better way to feel free than to feel the wind and asphalt blow past while exploring the roads and Freeways of America on a motorcycle.

ONTARIO, CANADA, September 9, 2014. Some people are just “Born to Ride”, while others discover the joys of riding a motorcycle after going for a ride on one. One thing for sure, it can be a dangerous pastime, and calls for the use of protective gear. Skid Lids Plus has launched their flagship site and will make finding protective motorcycle gear and accessories an easy shopping experience. Shoppers love the fact that it is easy to navigate and user friendly. Skid Lids has become the place to go for quality leather wear as well as helmets, gloves and other hard-to-find biker items.

Skid Lids Plus proves that it is possible to be safe and still look good on the road. Before heading out onto the roads and freeways with a motorcycle, make sure to stay protected with their selection of DOT-certified helmets and headgear. From open-style helmets, perfect for a drive on a summer day, to closed helmets for freeway travel or inclement weather, these helmets will ensure everybody’s head stays safe. Dependable clothing can protect from debris and injury out on the road. With Skid Lids’ wide selection of leather riding vintage leather jacket and vests, it’s easy to have the proper protection needed, as well as warmth and comfort on those long road trips.

Staying in control of the motorcycle means keeping hands firmly on the handlebars. Protect hands from debris, weather, and temperature with the wide selection of riding gloves. No matter what road conditions are faced during road trips, their waterproof gloves will help keep hands protected and free to steer without distraction, Guaranteed. Skid Lids Plus knows how practical and stylish saddlebags can be. Let’s face it, bikes have a natural lack of storage space. Easy to make sure motorcycles have all the space needed with this great selection of saddle bags. From individual bags to matching sets, these heavy-duty, waterproof saddle bags are perfect for any motorcycle. They even have coolers for storing snacks and drinks for the road.

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