Heatsign Launches The HS-FL20 Fiber Laser Marking Machine

The new generation of laser etching machines provide quality equipment that removes the troubles that can occur when working with metal and strong materials.

Heatsign (heatsign.com) the global supplier of laser marking systems, laser marking machines, and industrial marking systems has introduced a new range of laser etching machines to meet the needs of their clients. The new machines simplify the process of working with strong materials such as metals.

The company that provides full support to its customers has introduced the HS-FL20 Fiber Laser Marking Machine. The marking machine (www.heatsign.com/products/fiber-laser-marking-machine/) uses fiber technology that allows it to provide a high-powered laser beam directly to the marking head resulting precise marking in very short cycles. Unlike many other laser marking machines, the HS-FL20 Fiber Laser Marking Machine is perfect for any type of industrial environment. It can be used in a dusty environment without the user worrying about the dust causing problems such as a breakdown. With it being a versatile machine it can be used on different materials such as plastics, metals, and ceramics. 

A spokesman for Heatsign said: “We are very proud of the HS-FL20 Fiber Laser Marking Machine. It provides our customers with a professional and versatile machine that through the time it saves, and the reduction in errors, helps our customers to save money in production costs.”

The HS-FL20 Fiber Laser Marking Machine which comes with a full guarantee is faster than previous models. With the speed of the machine and the reduction in errors, it can help a business to reduce its production cost and reduce the wastage bill. It can also help a business to save money in other ways. By being a compact machine, it can easily be moved from one department to another, which means a business does not have to go to the expense of purchasing another machine.

To learn more about the metal marking machine and see why it has become a popular machine for all different types of industries, please visit www.heatsign.com

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