A Bathroom Renovation Can Increase The Value Of A Home Says Oxford Bathrooms Renovations Sydney

Property owners looking to increase the value of their home should renovate their bathroom according to real estate experts and a leading bathroom renovations Sydney company.

Each year millions of people waste money on their property by making improvements that don’t offer a return on their investment. Real Estate agents have said this is a huge problem and people need to be aware of what does and does not increase a home’s value. One company that understands what provides a good investment is a leading Bathroom Renovations Sydney company called Oxford Bathrooms.

Oxford Bathrooms, with showrooms in Thornleigh and Brookvale in Sydney, New South Wales, has become a leading expert in bathroom renovations and decided to launch a campaign to help people avoid spending money that will not increase the value of their home.

According to the bathroom renovations Sydney company, the following investments provide little or no return.

1. New Curtains

Although new curtains may make a home look more welcoming for when people visit, new curtains will not add any value to the property, which means they could be a wasted investment.

2. Turning a bedroom into an office

More people are now working from home either part time or full time, which means homeowners are turning a spare bedroom into an office. However, although this will benefit the homeowner, it may not benefit the potential buyer. The loss of a bedroom will bring down the price of a property, and when it comes to selling a home, a converted office should be turned back into a bedroom.

3. Installing a swimming pool

Although a swimming pool is a great idea and everyone would love to have a swimming pool within their home, it’s very rare according to real estate experts that it will provide a return on the investment.

One investment that all real estate agents agree will provide a real return and which will add value to a property is a renovated bathroom. According to real estate experts, potential buyers look for a modern looking bathroom. A good quality bathroom will not only increase the value of a property, but it will also increase the chances of selling that property quicker.

A bathroom is where people go to relax after a stressful day at work or a place where they like to chill. Having a modern looking bathroom provides that welcoming feeling when it comes to selling a property. A bathroom that has not been renovated, or looks unloved cannot only decrease the value of a home, but it could also result in putting potential buyers off.

Oxford Bathrooms in Sydney provide quality bathroom products that can help transform an old tired bathroom. The company has become one of the most recommended bathroom suppliers in Sydney and as such receive most of their new customers through referrals.

The process to a new affordable bathroom is simple. The first step is through a visit to the home by one of Oxford Bathrooms key personnel who will measure the bathroom and provide professional advice. The next stage is a visit to the showroom to see all the products that are on offer, and the third stage is the installation of the bathroom.

To learn more about Oxford Bathrooms, and why they have become a leading Bathroom Renovations Sydney company, please visit http://oxfordbathrooms.com.au

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Oxford Bathrooms provide total bathroom packages to suit all budgets with every package offering bathroom fittings from Australia’s favourite brands. These you can view at the two bathroom showrooms they have in Sydney. One located in Brookvale and the other at Thornleigh.

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