Record2Beat Gives You the Chance to Beat Records and Get Incentives!

The brand new and unique platform offers people the opportunity to sign up for free and beat each other’s records and challenges. The new platform is designed to provide record holders with the opportunity to earn money for the number of views their records receive.

Record2Beat is a new website that is gaining considerable attention from all over the globe. The new platform works on a highly simplified model, in which people can sign up, break records, and earn money for doing so.

Signing up for the platform is very simple, and it does not require any money. Once an individual has signed up, after that, they can challenge and try to beat the records that have been set by other users on the platform.

If they successfully beat the challenge, they become the record holder. Record holders have the opportunity to get paid for the number of views they receive on their records. Needless to say, this is a great and easy way to make money as well.

Record2Beat has been invented & created by Heidingsfeld Benoit, and according to the creator of this platform, there are more mobile applications that will be available very soon much similar to this platform. Benoit spoke during an interview where he explained that “Record2Beat is invented to stimulate people to push their limits further while they can also get some money in return.”

In the words of the creator himself, the platform has been designed to challenge the model set by Guinness Book of World Records. However, Record2Beat is much more effective than Guinness since Guinness does not provide people with the chance to earn money.

All in all, the Record2Beat platform is not only fun, but it is also free. And since it provides the people with a chance to earn money, it is recommended for all to try.

To find out more about the website, visit it today at

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