Six Ways to Keep Entertained Between Flights

Long Layover? Travel Experts at Global Connections Have Some Pointers

OVERLAND PARK, KS – June 22, 2017 – Global Connections, Inc. (GCI) a well-known travel club fulfillment and service provider have offered its expertise about airport layovers.  According to GCi’S concierge-style travel team who speak to travelers every day, there are six ways to keep stress and boredom at bay when waiting for your next flight.

1. Get some extra exercise:  Travelers who have a fitness tracker can keep tabs on their “steps” while walking from gate to gate.  Some even take stairs instead of escalators and if you have extra time, extend your stroll through other concourses.

2.  Go into town:  If you have six hours or more to burn grab a cab or light-rail into town to check out the sites.  If you don’t want to haul your bags back and forth, many airports have storage lockers available.  Some cities, such as Salt Lake City, offer tours with airport pickup and drop off.  Instead of opting for an airport terminal meal, see what’s available in town.  Of course, make sure you keep an eye on the time and transportation options. 

3.  People watching:  Spending time at a bar, or in the airport lounge may turn out to be surprising fun.  Airports are filled with people from every walk of life.  Whether you fancy yourself an amateur psychologist or just enjoy good old-fashioned eye candy, an airport terminal is the perfect setting to watch the world go by.

4.  Call family and friends: Have you forgotten your cell phone’s original purpose? When you’re not listening to tunes, playing games or reading, the airport is a terrific place to reach out to family and friends for a long overdue chat.

5.  Catch up on work:  Sure you’re headed on vacation, but those last few hours before (or after) a leisure trip are perfect to clean up loose ends at work or ensure that you are ready to hit the ground running upon return.

6.  Free cultural experiences:  Galleries and exhibitions are becoming more commonplace in airports these days.  Most frequently they offer visual interpretations of the area or feature local artists.  For example, some prime culturally stimulating airport exhibits are found MIA (Miami International), SAC (Sacramento) and DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth).

Traveling is not just getting from here to there, say the travel agents at GCI.  It’s about the journey.  Following these suggestions may make your trip even more fulfilling.

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