Queen’s Five Provides High End Candles

Wollerau, Switzerland The use of candles has changed through the years. Once a primary source of light in every home, these were nearly pushed to the brink of obsolescence with the rise of electric bulbs. Fortunately, the creativity of candle manufacturers sealed its survival. Termed as luxury candles, these are now normally found in hotels or homes whose owners want to evoke a certain ambiance. Perhaps people may be even shocked that luxury candles now cost as much as $100.

While collectors of luxury candles are familiar with big-name providers, Queen’s Five offers quality alternatives at more affordable prices. According to the company spokesperson, Yulia Fileva, “The magic feeling we captured when we go to different places changes our definition of luxury, comfort, and style. Be it in a hotel, a specialty place or at the restaurant, you can notice the ambiance and decorative details that elevate an otherwise normal room. Customers may order online and find out here now why we are one of the premier providers of luxury home design in Switzerland.” Queen’s Five also sells other home decors, but they also see luxury candles as an important component of interior design.

Candles have been used as early as 3,000 BC in lighting one’s home or in the conduct of religious ceremonies. Now, users buy luxury candles for home décor and stress reduction due to its therapeutic aroma. Queen’s Five offers scents that cater a broad range of homeowners. Tea and citrus luxury candles, for instance, are popular scents for both men and women. Interested buyers will also find great deals on their discounted products. Find out here now about their products.

The National Candle Association reports that US retail sales of candles are approximately $3.2 billion annually. There is also a reason why big hotels stick on using luxury candles in their signature scent. Science tells that fragrance directly affects the limbic system, the one that is directly responsible for processing emotions and memories. The scent that these luxury candles produce are not as odorous as air fresheners but still produce a relaxing scent and feeling. Similarly, Queen’s Five deems product and service branding are handled better if owners create an atmosphere people will remember after they leave the place.

To learn more about Queen’s Five and their products, one may visit their website at https://queensfive.com/. Their office is located at Bahnhofstrasse 15, 8832 in Wollerau, Switzerland. One may also call with inquiries via telephone  at 41799535555 or send an email to info@queensfive.com.

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