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Williston, Vermont – If an area has been struck with disaster, corporations and institutions should continue their day to day operations. Disasters are inevitable and can happen any time, which is why businesses – especially from the health and financial sectors – need to assure their clients that they can still function despite unwanted disasters. The law mandated essential institutions have an effective contingency plan during such critical situations. Understanding how important business continuity procedure is, KingsBridge BCP confidently extends their risk management plan to businesses to continue important operations and services. The Ultimate BCP Checklist from KingsBridge will inform owners of what they should know and consider when making a Business Continuity Plan.

Spokesperson of KingsBridge BCP, Skip Williams, conveys, “What separates us from everyone else in the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery field is the way we do our services. Anything that should be done remotely will be done remotely to minimize the impact on anyone’s business. We recognize that BCP is made to survive any disruptions and not stir a bigger problem than our clients already had at hand. During meetings, we ask each business unit team to give us only one hour of their day. All the necessary information will be discussed during that one hour, and we haven’t met a team yet that can’t recount their processes in less than an hour. At the end, you’ll receive a KingsBridge certified BC plan and supporting report with our findings and recommendations that are simple and straightforward to read and understand. This system has proven successful for almost all of our clients.”

Skip Williams has been in the field of international business consulting for almost fifteen years, and in that time, he has gained knowledge and experience which earned him the prestigious 2014 BCI Consultant of the Year award. To learn more about KingsBridge BCP visit

KingsBridge BCP is a Vermont-based agency that offers small enterprises and multinational corporations a comprehensive strategy that will guide them to make their own Business Continuity Plan. This plan is a series of procedures a business will follow in case of critical situations so that it can recover and revert to its regular operation. Knowing how important every detail of BCP is, KingsBridge BCP brings people an Ultimate BCP Checklist, arranged and designed to make disaster planning simple and straightforward. It’s a checklist that enumerates all the fundamental information a business should consider when managing business risks.

Right planning and proper execution are key in reducing risks to anyone’s business. For more information, please contact KingsBridge BCP via phone at 888.246.6642, via email at, or visit their website at They are located at 34 Blair Park Rd, Suite 104 Williston in Vermont, USA. Get your ULTIMATE BCP Checklist here!

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