Introducing DaviidAI, A Stock Predicting Program Aiming To Revolutionize Wall Street

These days, the world of stocks that once seemed so lucrative and simple are now largely inaccessible to the common man. Here to remedy this issue is DaviidAI, an intelligent computer program designed to help people everywhere earn money through investing.

In the modern world, a growing issue is wealth inequality. It is commonly stated that over half of the world’s wealth is held by just a single percent of the world’s population. This statistic is sadly the result of a world that is focused on industrial growth. Thanks to the growth of the industry, big businesses are amassing more and more of the world’s wealth; thus, the planet’s economy has started to revolve around just a handful of corporations. This is where investors come in. Many companies are still dependent on investors, allowing Wall Street traders to make small fortunes with well-researched stock trading decisions. Sadly, this lucrative Wall Street market has slowly become inaccessible to the common man. Today one program by the name of DaviidAI is here to change that.

DaviidAi is the result of countless hours of work and research, incorporating some of the latest and most experimental techniques in artificial intelligence. Led by programmer Mike Ellertson, a team of acclaimed professionals has made DaviidAI an incredibly accurate stock-predicting program. DaviidAI has incorporated techniques ranging from genetic algorithms to deep neural networks. The team has even used a variety of experimental techniques, many of which they have pioneered and refined themselves. The result is the now extremely intelligent DaviidAI. 

After three years of strenuous coding, the team behind DaviidAI has begun its final phase testing. In February, the DaviidAI team used DaviidAI to predict a stock’s trends. After several weeks of testing, DaviidAI came back with seventy-five percent accuracy. In a three-month test period, DaviidAI predicted a variety of stocks with remarkable accuracy, resulting in over an eight percent gain, a gain higher than today’s leading hedge funds. Now the team is moving to give this investment knowledge and power to the public through an app that reports Daviid’s predictions. With this app, anyone can easily make the smartest investments the market has to offer.

In order to fund the final production and distribution of the DaviidAI app, the DaviidAI team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Through the campaign, readers can pre-order membership, giving themselves access to Daviid’s most accurate predictions. As an added bonus, the price of the one month and three-month demo licenses have just been lowered to give users a taste of the power of DaviidAI. With this program, the common man will do more than occupy Wall Street; he’ll own it.


To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.  

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