Experience A New Dimension of International Travel With Tubudd

Traveling abroad is an amazing experience that opens up experiences with new people and cultures. Here to help create an authentic travel experience is Tubudd, a travel app like no other.

With improvements in transportation and communication technology made every day, the world is becoming more and more connected. As a result of this, international travel has become much more common and celebrated. Trips that were once thought of as dangerous, time prohibitive, or costly are now within reach for people around the world. This increased accessibility is a wonderful development, as traveling abroad is the best way to learn about new cultures and meet interesting people with completely different life experiences. Many people come away from trips in other countries with new perspectives, memories, and friends that will last a lifetime. Sadly, many world travelers feel as if their trips don’t quite offer the authentic experience that they crave. Guidebooks and online trip booking sites tend to focus on the more tourist oriented areas and attractions, and as such visitors to foreign countries miss out on the experiences and locations that locals of the country enjoy. This disconnect between what is easily found and offered to visitors and what the average citizen experiences creates a thin veil that prevents many vacationers from truly immersing themselves in the culture of their destination. Here to remove this barrier is Tubudd (Tour Buddy), a travel app that aims to provide incredible, authentic experiences and the insider knowledge of locals to travelers around the world.

Tubudd is unique within the world of travel apps in that it does not help users book hotels or plan a trip. Instead, users can book a “guide” that will show them around the city and spend time with them. These guides live in the traveler’s destination, and as such are deeply connected to the culture, locations, and history of the area. Guides are also volunteers, meaning that they are spending time with visitors due to a love of their home and a desire to meet other people. By using Tubudd, foreigners abroad have an opportunity to dive into the culture and history of an area with a fun loving guide that is deeply familiar with the area, all while making a new friend. This idea of creating a shared experience between different people is key to Tubudd’s mission and will create many memories for everyone that chooses to utilize this innovative service.

With initial work completed on the app’s design as well as in taking guide applications, only one obstacle stands in Tubudd’s way: funding. Creating a worldwide travel app is a costly experience, so the team behind Tubudd has turned to Kickstarter in the hopes of generating the funds needed to fulfill their vision. With reader support, Tubudd can be completed, allowing it to deliver the personal, deeply authentic experiences that travelers from around the world crave.


For more information, visit the Tubudd Kickstarter page.

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